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Updated AC4-- Good Thing =D

posted by Yurizinho (DORAL, FL) Sep 18, 2008

Member since Sep 2007

36 out of 47 gamers (77%) found this review helpful

This is my first review, so go easy on me guys. =D

Also, this review may be a little biased since i am an AC fan :)

While AC4 (Armored Core 4) was a great game, many people were disappointed with it's high learning curve, and controls hard to master. Despite all this, the game had a great online mode (If you had your own clan to play with), great visuals, and sound.

Armored Core For Answer makes it feel as how AC4 should have looked like. The game comes with new control setups for beginners, storyline this time was told in a better way which makes you actually feel as if you were one of the mercenaries.

One change that i personally liked it was the online mode. In the past game if you died in battle, you would have to wait until the battle ended to play again. Now FROMSOFTWARE has implemented a respawn system, which makes online play 10x more enjoyable.

It seems that FROMSOFTWARE has redeemed themselves with this new AC game.

Graphics: 9

Sound: 10

Controls: 10

Story: 10

Replay: 10

Total(Not an average): 10

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The Answer was not in the form of a question.

posted by Achieveman (VANCOUVER, WA) May 18, 2011

Member since May 2011

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

I have been a huge AC fan dating way back to its PS1 origins. Despite that I have to agree with the games critics about how most of the AC titles are just clones with different haircuts. I will say that this installment is incredibly improved, the cores overcharge actually has practicality in combat now and the general gameplay is exciting and fast paced. Armored Core: For Answer is the Forza Motorsports 3 of Mech game. Hundreds of parts and weapons, being able to tweak and upgrade individual parts to increase performance, an emblem editor and is fairly easy to use, and some of the biggest bad guys I have ever seen.

Unlike the last few installments, From Software made a legitimate effort to try to bring new life into this commonplace franchise. If you’re a fan you will love it, if it’s your first ride, you’ll probably be thinking you should have paid more attention in Trigonometry to make any sense of the spec charts for parts and weapons. On the less positive note the game itself is insanely hard. Also, just to get your AC in proper working order requires a huge amount of time and trial and error.

I personally love this game, for the fact that it is not easy to understand or play. The ability to take all these chaotic components that the game gives you, assemble them, then go up against impossible odds and succeed is a testament to any gamer’s skill and an incredible rush.

Tips: Try to use the same main components to assemble your AC as you get a small bonus in all stats. Try to corner opposing AC’s as the game likes to glitch sometimes and they get stuck. For the final boss; make sure you have about two hours, remove any breakable objects, knives, guns, pets, and loved ones from your home.

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posted by ThatGuy92 (MONTGOMERY, AL) Dec 23, 2009

Member since May 2009

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

Sense this was the first Armored Core game I have played I didn't know what to expect but this is now in my top 5 games of all time. Game play is intense enough for controller-throwing defeats. The game is somewhat challenging in itself but if it's too easy then it offers a "hard" setting unlike any I have played. Instead of giving the enemy's higher damage, hard adds random extras too the missions such as "Oh, no there are more Arms Forts than expected" and instead of fighting one boss there might be two or a extra NEXT to fight but it a fun way.

The mech creation was a great part of the game too. I wish i could tell you how many weapons there were but not going to count or look it up but know that there are weapons that just want to make you break out in a maniacal laugh (OMGACannon, you'll know it when you see it.). But there were a lot of them and parts and you can tune your mech with point you get from defeating bosses and winning mission on hard.

There are multiple paths you can take and three ending too the story and one mission that is beyond freaken hard but still was extremely fun to beat. If you get it for the 360 (lawl no achievement ps3) then the achievements are fun to beat although i was disappointed to find that half of them are only for online play where there are about 10 people playing.

In short, Love the game. Rent it. Play it. Send it back.

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