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Armored Core: For Answer


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Everything Amped

posted by racing101 (PASO ROBLES, CA) Sep 25, 2008

Member since Sep 2008

35 out of 41 gamers (85%) found this review helpful

i have to say i thought that this was going to be an expansion of Armored Core 4 but it wasn't, it had its own storyline and slightly different weapons, cores, arms, legs, and the really over did it with the overbooster.

The game play i have to say is absolutely insane you move soooo much faster and even the cpu steps it up by having them move faster than you, for the first chapter. The new overboost system allows you to be able to make an assualt shield which expands into hitting everything around you and destroying it, except NEXTS.

The only thing that i was a little distraut about was that the storyline was really short, but it was good, all three of them.

If you have every played Armored Core you need to play this one really fast paced and one of the best storylines in the Armored Core series.

The best thing about this game is the speed. And the amazing epic battles against the Armored Forts, they are huge it is like shadow of colouses gone mech.

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A Challange worth completing

posted by Lamppost (RICHMOND, KY) Aug 1, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

7 out of 8 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

-Satisfying Battles are hard but beatable
-Multiple path campaign worth replaying
-AC customization is easy to master, but hard to perfect
-Speed feels perfect
-Free play and Arena add to games value
-No penalty for death helps even out difficulty

-Mission descriptions cause many failed missions only to be due to your ACs equipment.
-Little story really does nothing for the campaigns multiple paths
-Some missions are hard to the point of frustration
-Short missions can last less then a minute
-Weapons are purchased per side (buying a gun for your right hand will not be able to be equipped on the left)
-No auto-save

(Single player review only)

Armored Core: for answer is a Mechanized fighter, pitting you as a pilot of a mercenary Next, doing the jobs of large corporations in a futuristic earth. The game allows for you to chose your path, by deciding what company to work for, though your path is not limited till late in the game. You'll only complete around half the total missions on your first play through, so each time you play through, you'll have a chance to try something new.
This does say something as it takes only a few hours to play through the whole campaign. Missions vary from only 30 seconds to 10-15 minutes. These can be exciting from start to finish, but often have you regretting your equipment rather then yourself. Missions will never have you questioning what to do though, which helps keep you focused instead of roaming aimlessly.
Which is the best part. Controlling your Next feels dead on. From fighting an opposing Next to a might Arms forts, huge mobile fortresses with devastating firepower, every attack is potentially avoidable and everything has a weakness, making deaths feel more worth the retry then a cheap kill. Which will keep you in the garage tweaking your AC for your play style and the enemy.
AC: FA is a fun play and well worth the rent, but it focuses only on what it does best, Mech warfare

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Love or Hate it...

posted by armored06 (MONROVIA, CA) Oct 1, 2008

Member since Nov 2006

19 out of 24 gamers (79%) found this review helpful

I say some people has very mean things to say about this game. People finds it hard and complicated. u wanna find a hard and complicated game? try eve online! This game is fun from the moment u start the tutorial! I have been a fan of this games since the very first armored core in PS. I must say I abandoned the franchise on ps2 as the quality of the game really went down. I must say AC4 gave me hope on this new console generation. Hope that was short lived. The game missions were finished on 30 seconds or so. I was really disappointed and had almost lost my hope. Then my answer came from ubisoft! (I hate u sega!) Ubisoft really turn this game around! missions do feel like mission. Big bosses and tons of enemies all around you. Next battles are as challenging as u would expect from this game. I must say if ur a fan and u have been hurt in the past, forget it all and give AC another chance. Trust me, this is the most exciting AC game I have played since PS. U wont be disappointed again. Then again if ur new to the game, I would say if u like customizing, making strategies prior a mission and then u want a fast paced pack with action big explotions... this game is for u. This will be a game that u will love or hate! This is not the casual game, its either ur in and give it ur all, or u die. Hope that helps. Oh by the way u might wanna change the buttons to shoot from A and X to left and right shoulder. use the A and X to switch weapons. Use B to use shoulder weapons Y for OB and u'll have a more responsive button lay out. Trust me its better.

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