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Another footprint for large Mech combat

posted by Ravenx (SALT LAKE CITY, UT) Jan 12, 2009

Member since May 2008

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A bit late in review but I still feel the game needs some input.

If you have ever played an Armored Core game you will be glad to see that nothing has been changed. That's of course you enjoyed the games have always been. You start with the first AC and work as a mercenary. Using the money you obtain from missions you buy new weapons and parts for AC to make it a more efficient killing machine.

What separates AC 4 from its predecessors is that it is more story driven. Though the story is a bit confusing and has many gaps and when all is said and done and the big bad AC is destroyed you are still left with questions.

Being a fan of the series I couldn't give it less than a 5 and being able to play the game in HD is phenomenal, there is so much detail! I enjoyed playing AC 4 but like I said the story was lacking and the series really haven't changed over the years. Hands down the best AC ever was Ninebreaker. Nothing like bored mercenary's participating in tournament combat. PS2 release if you are awarding which system that is for.

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Above Average

Living up to the armored core title?

posted by 0jolly0 (SAN FRANCISCO, CA) Aug 23, 2008

Member since Aug 2008

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As a die hard Armored core fan i was disappointed with armored core 4. Sure they had the usual stuff that i love; Fast action, customizing and 1 on 1 combat. but it just didn't do it for me.

Maybe it was the story line that you had to practically take notes on to understand or maybe it was the complicated layout of the customization or the easy missions. But mostly i think it was how they didn't fix my least favorite thing about armored core, the fact that you can still just get a heavy AC with a lot of fire power and the game becomes to easy or you can get a fast light AC and get blown to bits constantly.

All in all if your an armored core fan id say rent it beat it send it back. If you've ever played an armored core game before and didn't particularly enjoy it, skip it. And if you've never played any armored core game before give armored core 3 for the playstation 2 a chance before you rent this one. (gasp! renting a game not for playstation 3, xbox 360 or wii!!)

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AC fans only

posted by Bluelava (SAN ANTONIO, TX) Jan 29, 2008

Member since Dec 2006

5 out of 9 gamers (56%) found this review helpful

I rented this game looking for a mech feeling without going the Gundam route thinking that even though it got low reviews, it would satisfy the desire that I was wanting.

I was wrong.

Aside from customizing and tweeking your AC as much or little as you desire, the game delivers there, along with tight and responsive control; but in many other aspects it falls short. The missions are usually very abrupt, the storyline is far from entertaining and there's not much to do.

AC is famous for selling out to their hardcore fans, which is the same for this title. If you're new to this series, I would highly recommend skipping and if you have a 360, try out Chromehounds instead.

There are some pros to playing though. The customization and schematics are insanely infinite in possibility and when combining with online play, there is a major strategy to tuning your AC just right and still being able to control it precisely. In that regard, this game is a shining title, but once again, it really only appeals to the core players and with that being said, if you are one of those people, this would probably be a great game for you.

Other than that, the graphics are top notch. There a few places where the frame rate bogs down, but being a launch title, that's to be expected and doesn't hurt the game at all really. Controls are crisp and fluid. Online play is there, the majority of the arenas are small, but depending on the person, it's just a matter of playstyle and pref. If you're new coming on to the online, be prepared to get slaughtered in the beginning trails of your online play because it's pretty much the elite playing now days.

So in conclusion, a so-so launch title, a deep mech tuner, but simply not for the average gamer and that hurts it a lot. A quick rental, buy at your own risk.

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