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It's like finding out you're adopted...

posted by Luciferiad (TWIN FALLS, ID) Sep 13, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

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But I digress. Let me begin by saying that I've been a fan of the Armored Core series since AC: Master of Arena. While that game probably remains my all-time favorite in the series, I played and truly enjoyed every subsequent iteration.

Until this one, that is.

AC4 does boast great graphics and in-depth Core customization, not to mention a far more accessible control scheme than its predecessors. However, for every step forward this game takes in technical precision, there are two giant leaps backward in gameplay.

Murky storyline aside (as this is an Armored Core tradition), the game's difficulty curve is entirely sporadic. One mission will be a total cakewalk and the next, while simple in theory, is an absolute nightmare that will require a dozen attempts before completion.

Maybe I suck, you say? Well, I'll admit I'm not any AC master, but I can hold my own. And story missions in this franchise's previous entries have never been so frustrating. Or so short.

Yeah, my observed mission complete time probably averaged somewhere around 4-6 minutes. I never finished the game since I got so fed up with retrying the same 3 minute mission that I returned it. That was an Armored Core first for me as well.

Honestly, I wouldn't even suggest this title to hardcore AC fans. Just dig Nexus up outta your old PS2 collection, and leave this pile of sorry on the shelf. You will only be disappointed.

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Very good, do not believe bad reviews

posted by Apokalypz (HALTOM CITY, TX) Sep 6, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

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I enjoyed this game very much. I am not usually a fan of mech games, even though I want to like them, being fascinated with giant robots (like most of us). I got this game as one of the first titles when I bought my PS3. I was very satisfied with it. Read on for details.....

The graphics are fine. Anyone who tells you otherwise is nitpicking really, really hard. I was impressed with the graphics (and still am now, 1 year after I got my PS3 and have played other games).

The soundtrack is slightly repetitive, but otherwise it is fine.

Awesome. Straight awesome. Well done. The trick here is to use a mech with a good set of jump jets, because trying to walk your way across the battlefield is only going to get you killed. Which is the way it should be -ten ton robots four stories high should NOT be fast on their feet. Once you get used to the jump jets the gameplay is amazing and smooth. Weapons fire and aim cleanly and there is a proper amount of difficulty curve during the normal levels.

I have no gripe with the normal enemies-they are just hard enough that you must formulate a good strategy to take them down.

Bosses are another matter. The bosses in this game are nearly impossible, even the very first one. They are beatable-I have beaten the game several times-but can be almost "cheat" level frustrating occasionally.

The mechs are awesome. Well put together, and the opportunity to constantly upgrade and change weapons is very well done. The only complaint I have is that really, the legs are somewhat pointless. Your best bet is to buy the hugest set of legs possible (either 4-leg or tank track) and just load up with weaponry-since you spend the majority of your time jetting through the air anyway. And use the shoulder mounted plasma cannon, by the way. Best weapon in the game.


This game is perfect for a mech fan. You just have to be willing to learn.

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Its really good!!

posted by DMC4ps3fan (Lancaster, CA) Apr 19, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

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please, everyone who gave this a bad review doesnt know what they are talking about. You have to like mechs and mech games to like this,they just rented it for no reason. Compared to all other mech games, this one is really fun and fast paced. It isnt slow like other mech games, i love the quick boost feature, it helps alot with the quickness of the game. Customation is great, not really confusing at all, and the only bad part is how hard the game is!! i love a challenge though!

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