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Chromehounds - brains = Armored Core 4

posted by Twizlex (DAUPHIN, PA) Mar 21, 2007

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This game bears a striking resemblance to Chromehounds, which is no surprise considering they were both made by From Software. But AC4 is like Chromehounds on cra├žk - twitchy and explosive but not that much fun.

The single-player campaign consists of 30 missions that mostly involve blowing up your objectives as quickly as possible. You get graded and rewarded mainly based on your time, so there's no real motivation to use any strategy or hunt down and kill every single enemy. It's kind of a bummer. Even worse are the "escort" missions where you are required to guard objectives against countless waves of enemies. You may be tempted to actually try to kill an enemy that gets past you, but the combat area is so small that you can't without fear of going outside the borders and failing the mission. Total weak-sauce. Overall, the single-player missions are nothing special and, to be completely honest, a little boring. I saw some potential when I first booted up the game but around halfway through the campaign I gave up hope that it would actually get better.

On the flipside, multiplayer is a bit more satisfying. Bringing your custom mechs to the battle arena against your buddies' mechs is a blast - literally. While not as robust as the Neroimus War in Chromehounds, it's basically just straight deathmatch fun.

Graphically, the mechs are nicely detailed and explosions are cool. Again, much like Chromehounds, the environments are pretty bland and detract from the overall experience. Sound effects are also almost identical to those in Chromehounds, which are pretty good.

Basically, this game is Chromehounds Lite. It's more action-oriented and faster-paced, but all of the substance is removed. It's more anime styled power-sword-wielding mechs as opposed to the more realistic versions from Chromehounds and Mechwarrior. I guess there are some people that would prefer it that way, but I personally prefer the strategy and depth of Chromehounds more.

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Above Average

So much wasted potential

posted by KrispyD (YORK, PA) Apr 4, 2007

Member since Apr 2006

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I remember playing some other Armored Core game way back in the day for the playstation and having a blast. I was really looking forward to this game after having played the living bajeezus out of Chromehounds (another mech game from From Software). I went into this thinking that it'd be simliar to the afore mentioned game, only quicker and with more of an anime style to it. I was mostly right, but there isn't nearly the depth that I was expecting after Chromehounds.

First of all, the campain is pretty weak. The story might make the boring missions worth it if you could understand what was going on. It's all just completly insane and hard to follow. I remember starting up one mission and I was just supposed to kill a guy. No idea why. The missions, until a little over half through, are boring and repetitive. Go in, kill a target as quickl as you can. Not much more to say there.

As for customizing, which is really what a game like this is about, I was a bit disapointed on this front also. It's not that the options aren't there, it's that it's hard to figure out what is going on. There is no "store" but you press a button to see how much something costs. It makes it very hard to sit and weigh out decisions when you can't just browse the store. It's basically intergrated right into the core builder garage menu.

The multiplayer is pretty decent I guess, but it's all just the standard deathmatch fair. 1v1, FFA, 4 on 4 team... nothing special really, especially when considering the almost MMO like game that Chromehounds offered for online play. It almost seems like a step backwards.

Graphically, AC4 is barely up to standards for a next gen game. It's not horrible, but it could be better. As far as the audio goes, the effects are decent enough, but the music gets old real quick. Definatly a game to use your own soundtrack for.

All in all, it's not a horrible game, and if you want more speed in your mech than CH offers, than this could be for you.

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by armored06 (MONROVIA, CA) Apr 16, 2007

Member since Nov 2006

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I'll say this game is the kind of game that either you love or you hate. I think this game could off been a bit better. I always wanted more speed out of this game and well I got that. other than that Im really disappointed at the fact that there aren't as many parts as other games. mission wise I expected at least twice as much. Arena (simulator now called) well it leaves a empty feeling. I wanted to see more rivals there as well. In my opinion as a fan this game is good but for being a next-gen game they could off done so much of a better work. Another thing that you have problems with is the controllers. They are too difficult to control they were better for ps2. Rent it if you wanna try a fast pace game, buy it if you are a fan like me.

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