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Armored Core 3


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Gameplay Controls

Armored Core 3

Directional Buttons Movement Controls
X Button Boost
Triangle Button Cycle Through Weapons/Switch Firing Mode
Square Button Use Right Arm Weapon
Circle Button Operate Doors or Switches/Use Left Arm Parts/Pick Up Dropped Parts
L2 Button Look Up
L1 Button Strafe Left
R2 Button Look Down
R1 Button Strafe Right
Start Button Pause
Select Button Display Map
L3 Button Turn Extension Parts On/Off
R3 Button Over Boost/Exceed Orbit Functions
Combo #1 Up/Down + X = Boost Dash

Directional Buttons Rotate Map
Circle Button Hold Down with Directional Buttons to Move Map
L1 Button Zoom Out
R1 Button Zoom In
Select Button Return to Game Screen
Combo #1 L1 + R1 = Return to Default Map View

Directional Buttons Highlight Selection
X Button Confirm Selection
Triangle Button Display Details
Square Button Sell Parts
Circle Button Cancel Selection
L1 Button Cycle Through Designs/Parts
R1 Button Cycle Through Designs/Parts
Start Button Bypass Mission Briefing
Select Button Display Help Messages