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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Defuse Explosives Extra money

Choose the Defuse Explosives level and equip yourself with the Karasawa MK II. Stay far away from the flame throwers and destroy them with the Karasawa. You should not get hit very much and get an easy 43,000 credits.

Rescue Research Team Hidden AC part

Go approximately halfway through the corridor with the floating platform. Repeatedly shoot the different colored disk at that location. Fall all the way down the opening that appears to find the LS-Moonlight, the most powerful laserblade in the game.

Safeguard Secret Information Hidden AC part

Equip a head with a hacking of at least 4 . Turn left in the room before the elevator, then open the doors. Shoot the crates in the center to uncover a panel in the floor. Shoot the panel to find a hidden missile launcher AC part.

Stop The Surface Weapon Hidden AC part

Go past the weapons to find the Karasawa MK-II near some rocks.

Training room Hidden AC part

Repeatedly shoot the circle in the ceiling until it breaks. Enter the hidden area and follow the shaft to find a part for your radar.

Underground Railway Hidden AC parts

Follow the right-side branch of the tunnel to the end. Destroy the panel at that location. There is another panel in the ceiling above. Shoot the ceiling panel to find a hidden AC part, which is the best shield available.

Zio City Suppresion Hidden AC part

Quickly search the urban area to the right to find a hidden AC part. REMEMBER: You have to leave one of the Special Forces alive until you find it.

AC Test area Hidden AC part

Blow up center of the ceiling and fly up there. Look around to find a hidden AC part.

Eliminating Strung in the arena

Normally in the arena you have to fight Strung in tenth place. However, if you destroy him in mission during the sandstorm where he first recruits you to help him fight, he will appear in the arena.