Rent Armed and Dangerous for Xbox
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Armed and Dangerous

Not Rentable
GF Rating

471 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Armed and Dangerous

Directional Pad Left/Right = Change main weapon, Up/Down = Change special weapon
Left Thumbstick Move/sidestep/jump (press in)/close Jumper Pack wings (press in and hold)
Right Thumbstick Look/turn/use special weapon (press in)
A Button Jump/close Jumper Pack wings (press and hold)
B Button Use special weapon
X Button Reload
Y Button Place Ticker Bombs (press and hold)/enter or exit a pub or turret
White Button Order Q and Jonesy to attack enemy or guard targeted area
Black Button Order Q and Jonesy to return to Roman/actively defend Roman (press again)
Left Trigger Zoom in with weapon scope
Right Trigger Fire main weapon
Start Pause/view mission objectives
Back Cancel command