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Guy Faulk Grenade!

posted by Kriminator (CROSBY, ND) Aug 29, 2010

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This game made me laugh my AO!!! This silly tin man would come and give you "a spot of tea mate" right after a battle to regenerate some of your health. Could have used more of that dang Tea!!! None the less, crazy british humor.

The guy faulk grenade! you throw this grenade into a crowd of angry enemy and they all turn into traitors and start shooting each other, while you can just standby and watch them all go at it and then finish of any remaining ones that made it through the cracks...

EVERY cut scene made me laugh! I'm american in the Airforce and was stationed at RAF Lakenheath right about the time this game was out. It has some subtle british referances that I could really tell that the makers of this game had to be british to come up with some of these twisted funny ideas.

Played it beat it!!! I want MORE!!!

Seriously where is Armed and Dangerous-er II

I like games that can make me laugh!

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Very Good

Funny, And Fun

posted by OKRecords (ASHBURN, VA) Dec 30, 2007

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Armed and Dangerous was a nice breath of fresh air as far as games go. The story is absolutely hi-lar-e-ous and the game is honestly just a lot of fun.

From shark guns to straight up machine guns, you get all the arsenal you'll need to run around stage after stage wiping out enemies. Though, truth be told, the game can get a little repetative, but you just can't stop playing becuase you'll want to get to those outrageous cut scenes in between stages.

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Funny times!

posted by FLOWDANGO (MORRISTOWN, NJ) Jun 29, 2007

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Armed and Dangerous is a action adventure third person shooter where the main draw is the funny quirky action game play with a story that will make you laugh. This game has a lot of different weapons that are very unique and some are very funny, along with enemies that are fun to kill and can be intelligent it is a good rental title to play through and enjoy. it flaws with no multiplayer and a short campaign, but still very enjoyable in its own right!

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