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Area 51


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Also on:PS2
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Life Or Death Alien grenade upgrade

Search the dead soldier in one of the elevators where Cole starts the level to find a small key. Use it to open the small lockers in the first power conduit pit to find a databank item. It will upgrade the alien grenade so that it will track targets.

Defeat Grays

To defeat Grays that use shields, mutate and fire parasites at them. It will bring down the shields faster than any other weapon in the game.

How to beat the Super Beast

When fighting the Super Beast, rather than running straight at him, run around in a circle. When he gets near an explosive barrel, shoot it. It does more damage then the BBG. Watch out for his plasma shooting arm as well. When you finish, Edgar will talk to you, and you get to see him.

How to beat the Theta

The best way to defeat a Theta is to first mutate. Next, fire parasites; or if you want to take a chance, fire contagion to lay some heavy damage on him. REMEMBER: Use contagion for heavy damage, but parasites also work well, especially because they heal you. When your mutagen runs low, run up and melee him and/or the enemies he releases on you (the "bubbles" or leapers). Keep doing this and he will eventually go down. This will take some time to accomplish and may be difficult at first.

Interesting scans

During the training levels, scan everyone that you can. You will find some interesting equipment of the MPs, including adult diapers and condoms. Hold Right Analog-stick Down (with the default controller configuration, or in the opposite direction in the inverted configuration) until your scanner stops moving and you appear to be looking at your feet. You can now scan yourself and see information about Cole.

Arcade cabinet

In the earlier stages of the game, there are a few cabinets of the original Area 51 arcade game, complete with red and blue light-guns. REMEMBER: Melee attack the arcade machines and you will usually get a life syringe.

Masons and the Illuminati

Shortly after meeting Dr. Cray, you will reach an infirmary where you will find clones of Mr. White walking around, mumbling, and rambling on. On the back of their lab coats you will find a Masonic lodge (a symbol of the Free Masons) suggesting a connection between the Masons and Illuminati.

Extra Ammo

In the moon landing room, after you activate the crane, shoot the earth, go on top of the catwalk.  Make your way to the earth and drop down for extra ammo, etc.