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Area 51

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

How to beat the Super Beast

When fighting the Super Beast, rather than running straight at him, run around in a circle. When he gets near an explosive barrel, shoot it. It does more damage then the BBG. Watch out for his plasma shooting arm as well. When you finish, Edgar will talk

How to beat Grays

To defeat Grays that use shields, mutate and fire parasites at them. It will bring down the shields faster than any other weapon in the game.

How to beat Theta

(get full health before fighting the theta) when you are fighting the theta, run behind one of the blue glowing tank/barrel kinda things. wait for the theta to attack and blow them up. the theta should die and if you have full health you shouldn\'t die, y

Defeat the first Theta boss easy

To beat the first theta boss all you need to do is change to mutant and use your melee attack (R3) on him and the leapers. Whenever Theta or the leapers hurt you take a step back and use the leech attack (R1) on them to regain health. Then start using you

Arcade cabinet

In the earlier stages of the game, there are a few cabinets of the original Area 51 arcade game, complete with red and blue light-guns.