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A Good Waste Of Time

posted by CaptainX79 (SCHENECTADY, NY) Oct 18, 2010

Member since Feb 2007

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Now I'm going to begin by saying I am a big fan of this genre. That being said I usually play every RPG that comes out. Arcania is just like some of the recent action RPG's to hit the stage recently, with much in common with the likes of Risen, Divinity III, Two worlds 1, and slightly Oblivion. In comparison Arcania is better than both Risen and Dvinity III hands down, aside from Two Worlds bugs it is still better than Arcania, the reason is Arcania is not very challenging, while there are lots of quest to complete it still seems a bit shallow. There are three sets of 30 relics to collect, but if you don't have a guide to there locations most gamers will never find them.
Character progression a bit bland, you can choose how you want to develop your hero but there isn't much to choose from in the skills menu. Strong Weapons and Armour are hard to find and enemy's don't really drop cool loot.
Graphically The environments are good looking but the character models are ugly, the women look like well men and the men look like ogres. there are all kinds of settings to adjust the textures but I couldn't figure them out and the manual didn't even mention them.

Anyways here's my Good, Bad, and ugly for those who just like the facts.

-It's playable.
-the games auto save, saves after every quest.
-Story is not bad
-Fills the RPG gap till something better comes along

-Voice acting
-Character models
-Not very long 25 - 30 hrs
-Skills tree is bland

-really bad frame rate, at time the game seams to chug. I suggest to install it to your hard drive before you play it seams to help.

All in all I like Arcania, it's not Oblivion or Two Worlds but its a good waste of time until sequels to those games come out. worth a rent if you like these kind of games, just don't go in with high expectations and you wont be disappointed.

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GF Rating


Decent Game, Stupid Ending.

posted by Aradace (LANSING, MI) Oct 25, 2010

Member since Feb 2009

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Despite what anyone else tries to tell you about this game, is DOES have "decent" graphics. Sure, they arent the greatest ever, (actually made my eyes hurt and had to take short breaks ever so often so they would stop hurthing.) but overall they arent too bad.

Combat is pretty good too (yes even ranged combat is done well and anyone who says otherwise doesnt know what the crud they're talking about yet again.) Although I dont recommend using the so-called "auto-lock" they give you because more often than not, the camera will try to focus somewhere up your bung hole, leaving you wondering "What the frick is this?" heh.

Voice acting I do agree is pretty horrible. Although not quite as bad as Two Worlds, it's still pretty bad. Enough said.

Customization of your character is pretty "meh". They pretty much "limit" you to focusing on one path or another if you want to actually be "good" at something. In this case is either Archery, Melee, or good ol' Spell flingin'. Again, not the worst I've ever seen in "character customization" but then again, it's definately in my top 10 of "worst".

I can't really "judge" the story too much because this is the first Gothic game I've had the "pleasure" of playing. But basing my opinion just off of this one alone, once again, I'd have to say is somewhat mediocre. The angle has been played soooo many times in other games that it's become cliche and when it comes to the ending of the game...good lord...You'd think that M. Night had his hands in it (and NOT in a good way.)

Overall, a decent game, with some decent mechanics that could have, if executed better, could have been great. But as it stands, Arcania: Gothic 4 is a definate RENTER and not a BUYER.

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posted by TIMEFlys (CHATSWORTH, CA) Oct 20, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

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I'm a big RPG fan and play most on Xbox 360. This one was a disappointment. It felt like an RPG for beginners. It was very shallow with nothing about it that really drew me into the game world.

Graphics were not horrendous, but a bad framerate and lots of draw in.
Character models were decent.
Voice acting was poor with a couple of exceptions.
Character interaction was almost non-existent without any depth at all.
Combat was button mashing.
Map was not open world, but segmented and opened for scripted quests.
Quests were typical fetch item.
Gameworld was not alive, but empty.
No surprise factor at all.
Typical Melee / Bow / Magic development options.
I usually prefer the bow, but it was a lame shooting mechanic.
My biggest complaint though was the awkward menu system.

There are probably worse RPGs to play, but this one is for sure not wrth more than a rental.

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