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Don't go into this Zone

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Oct 19, 2009

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For those of you looking to play the Atari 2600 versions of Kaboom! and Freeway, then you need look no further than Arcade Zone, a compilation of 17 mini games
This arcade starts off with three zones. The first zone is the classic zone where you play games like basketball shooting, skee ball and making pizzas (wait, that's not a classic game).
There's a sci-fi zone where you shoot targets, build a tower and make corndogs (I'm not kidding).
Then there's a Pirate Zone where you spin a wheel, play hockey and make smoothies (what's with the cooking games?)
At the onset of the game, you select an avatar from a selected group of eight. Hope you like your choice becuase you can't change it at all after you selected him/her.
Each of the three beginning zones has five games, and if you beat four of the five in all three zones, then you unlock a fourth zone, the GameMaster zone, for the last two - air hockey and Kaboom! Beat those two games and you beat the compilation.
But wait, each game gives you tickets you can use to buy some of many, many prizes at any of the four zones
Problem is, most players will be able to get through the game in about an hour, so the only other course of action is to play the games over and over again and rack up enough tickets to buy all the prizes in the arcade.
Which would be fun if these games are mostly exciting, but that is not the case here. The graphics for Kaboom! and Freeway are lacking, and the rest of the game isn't that much better to look at. (The prizes are completly forgettable.) Each game uses a simple button push or flick of the Wiimote over and over again. I found it really boring.
You can play any unlocked game in multi player mode, which adds some spice to the compilation, but almost every other mini game compilation has this feature.
Arcade Zone needs much better graphics, prizes and presentaion. SKIP IT.

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Not A Bad Game...Just A Bit Off Though

posted by WiiWowGuy (PITTSBURGH, PA) Jan 13, 2010

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This game wasn't that bad as people may have rated it. I just started playing Wii. I never owned one and just played here and there at friends. For a family and friends its not too bad.

Pros: I like how many game options you had. Alot of classic games (frogger, whack a mole.) and new arcade games for you to play. Like how you can play with your family. You earned tickets and could "buy" prizes.

Cons: Alot of the multiplayer games seemed jumbled, like you were falling on top of one another when you played. Loading time is horrible. The voices in the background are annoying as all get up. You didn't have all of the levels at first. Some games were locked and you had to beat a highscore. The sensor for Wii had a lag time with this game for some reason like the "Robot Bowling"

I kind of feel like its good for a beginner, but I wouldn't get this again. It was bit on the dull side, but it wasn't a complete loss.

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It's amazingly terrible

posted by Peekho (ALPINE, CA) Oct 26, 2009

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This is by far the worst game I've played on the Wii. In fact, it would've been a terrible game even if it was released on the Gamecube or SNES. Loading times are outrageous for such small games and after they load they just aren't much fun.

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