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Arc Rise Fantasia

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Horrible mess....

posted by animecrazy2881 (ANCHORAGE, AK) May 1, 2011

Member since May 2011

Ok, so i wanted to give this game a try, seeing that most third party games on the Wii are lack luster. Im glad i tried it out via gamefly before buying it. The graphics are PS2 quality, which leads me to that the people who made this game either dont know what the Wii is capable of or they just dont care. The voice acting almost put me to sleep, and why is it out of sync with the characters mouth movements? Third grip is the battle system.... I dont need to be asked after every single action if i want to confirm that action. Does final fantasy need this? No, so why does this game need it? Its bad enough that the Wii is an underappreciated system, I just wish there were better games to play on it. Putting out games like this doesnt help nintendo out any. Ill wait for Skyward Sword thank you very much!

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Really Bad

ooohh boy

posted by itachi4eve (BONNERS FERRY, ID) Jul 31, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

Well, I was looking forward to playing this but it just became too cliche. It was also the first time I was hoping for text to scroll so I didn't have to hear their horrible acting......This is a pass

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Not good. Not good at all.

posted by Dualmask (PHILADELPHIA, PA) Sep 20, 2010

Member since Apr 2008

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I gave this game a chance, thinking "could the voice acting really be as bad as they say it is?"

I have never played a game with VO so bad that it ruins any hope of good gameplay. I watched the opening scene, played a few battles, but the monotone voices, bad lines and overall lack of excitement in the game play made me wonder why I was wasting my time with this title when there are so many great Wii games I could be playing instead.

Developers have to step it up. Work on the presentation more. Stiffly-animated character models and bad voice overs don't work in 2010. This game would have sucked if it were a first gen PS2 title. As a late gen Wii title, it's criminal that this game was released in this condition. Avoid unless you like games that will put you to sleep.

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