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Good JRPG but the localization didn't go well

posted by Zoobrax (FUQUAY VARINA, NC) Jul 30, 2010

Member since Jun 2008

11 out of 12 gamers (92%) found this review helpful

Arc Rise Fantasia is a pretty good JRPG. Its very classic in its design and playstyle. Its combat system is familiar but with some subtle changes to make it its own. I like the way its set up presonally. If you like your JRPG games classic than this is worth a look, (God knows how many times I've played through Chrono Trigger on SNES and DS) and I like classic JRPG.
However, this game has, sadly, not been localized very well. The voice acting has received some vicious panning from various reviews and their completely correct. The voice acting is just awful. I looked forward to the text conversations between the characters. I am not lumping all the blame on the actors, they really did not have much to work with here. Some of these lines have no way to be read in a way that would make them work. The music is actually pretty good and appropriate for where your characters are at and what their doing.
My bigger problem with Arc Rise Fantasia is how it looks. The opening cut scene (not cinematic) looks good but then we get to the gameplay graphics, sigh. Look I know we are talking about a Wii game and that we can't expect PS3 and 360 level graphics. Ok, I know, I accept that, but can we at least have graphics better than early PS2 games. Plenty of games on the Wii look just fine between cinematics and gameplay.
If these don't bother you. You know, you like old school graphics and turning off voices than hey. My complaints aside, the game is pretty good, so give it a try.

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Essentially a Success

posted by ThatQris (MELROSE, MA) Jul 27, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

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Since Namco decided to eliminate half of their fanbase by not releasing Tales of Graces in the US, many Wii owners will welcome this with open arms. Arc Rise Fantasia is the traditional JRPG experience.

Far from HD, players will more often than not be annoyed with the "pixelated" look of Fantasia. At the risk of using the wrong word, I'll call it low-definition. It looks like a PS2 game; you'll feel the same way you did a couple years ago when you played a PS2 game that looked like a PS1 game. Of course, that's not bad; PS2 had wonderful landmark RPGs, and while it's not carried in an advanced vehicle, the art is pleasing. The character designs themselves are pretty great, and every environment feels lush; every animation feels organic. Inconsistent framerate, though.

Consistently nice contemporary classical. Some epic tracks (boss battle themes, overworld theme), but in a very familiar way; nothing new. Sound effects are mostly stock from what I can tell, but again, they're pleasant.

Oh, right. It's glaringly obvious that none of the voice actors were in the same room. Leading lady Ryfia clearly learned English as a second language, and while I haven't gotten far enough to confirm that this was unintentional, she sounds horribly awkward. L'Arc sounds unexcitable. Honorable mentions must go to Adelle, who plays well the role of level-headed girl. It's reminiscent of Saturday morning anime.

A simple take on turn-based battles: The AP system. Those of you who enjoy cozy, relaxed battles will swoon, but there are some real challenging bosses that demand real strategy. Granted, most mooks won't be dealt with by mashing the A button. You can customize you weapons by placing Tetris pieces on a chart, but equipment is pretty shallow.

Even with shallow VA, you get used to the nonsense characters. Some players may even become endeared. Some crazy plot twists, expected and unexpected. Just a standard epic tale. Epic, cliche, and nostalgic.

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Very Good

An awesome game with a horrible drawback: voices

posted by Chikage (COVINA, CA) Jul 27, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

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This game is amazing. The graphics are a sight to see and pleasant to the eyes. The characters all stand out and aren't horrible to look at. For those of you anime people, the artist is the infamous Bones. One of their animes? Eureka Seven.

The graphics are amazing.
The music is pleasant to the ears and gets good when in a battle and when some dramatic scene is played.
The controls are simple and can be used with the Wii Remote w/ Nunchuk, Classic Controller, and GameCube Controller.
The battle is interesting as there's an AP system, which is a lot like Skies of Arcadia, and can be diverse throughout the party.
The overworld is a lot like the Tales Of Games and is vibrant.
Many things to do, like upgrading weapons during battle and then using transferring the power from the weapon to another.
The magic system is like the ORIGINAL Final Fantasy, where you use a point system (which is your MP) and can upgrade it in shops
They have on-screen monsters, so no random battles (though I'm used to that due to Final Fantasy)

It's slow in the beginning and the battle system is a little hard to get use to, but is way easier than you think.
The voices...........THE VOICES!!!!!!!!!

The biggest drawback in this game is the voices. About 90-99% of you reading this will agree on the voices. They are horrendous. In fact, this some of the worse voice acting ever....EVER!!!! L'Arc is below average. Alf's voice is wayyyyy too deep, like he chained smoked before he came into the game. This new guy I met, Niko, sounds like he has a horrible cold, and the worse of them all........the main girl, Ryfia. She is literally THE worst voice in the game. Monotonous, sounds too old for a 16 year old character, doesn't fit her character, her fighting voice is ugly....I can go on and on about her and you'll believe everything I just said.

Anyways, this game is good. No joke, but if you can get past the voices, you're in for a good game.

8/10. -2 because of the voices.

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