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Ar Tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel


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Went in the wrong direction.

posted by Jsouleyrette (EASTMAN, GA) Oct 12, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

I've been with the Ar Tonelico series since the start, and the first and second games, were wonderful, decent graphics, great gameplay in general, quirky, humorous sub quests from when you dived into the female protagonists. They were all memorable, and enjoyable, however, there was always the sexual innuendo jokes about the "diving" and
"soul space", but it was always more or less, a sort of back ground thing. In this game, they took that little innuendo, and turned it into something that was straight out there. The moment you get your reyvatiel, she starts shedding clothes, and alot of the dialogue is unnecessarily perverted as well. I found myself playing this game for about two hours, and not wanting to play it because to make your reyvatiel stronger, you gotta take her clothes off. They just took the behind the scenes joke and put it where it didn't need to be.
However, the game does have decent, at best graphics, they aren't anything to be amazed over, but they're atleast decent. The music, as in all Ar Tonelico games, is fantastic and wonderful. The story, if you , unlike me can get past the embarrassing perversion, you may enjoy the core story of the game, and the gameplay, unfortunately, after the last Ar Tonelico, is weak. Its just hitting the square button on a certain rhythm to make the girl stronger, in comparison to the last game, where the combat was fast paced with the multidirection commands, it just falls short.
The game isn't horrible, but if you enjoyed the first and second game, this one more than likely won't be as enjoyable.

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Horrible translation / English voice over

posted by gunnerneko (BELLEVILLE, IL) Jun 11, 2011

Member since Oct 2009

The game plot is interesting and the gameplay is simple, but the poor translations and english voice over in this game take it from being average to poor. The use of English is also terrible in this game. One of the main characters also can't seem to decide whether or not to refer to herself in first or third person...very annoying. If this was a trait meant to be built into her character due to her memory loss, it was written very poorly. It distracts from the game.

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Rated M? How about Rated PTO!!

posted by Schtiv (CAPE CORAL, FL) May 9, 2011

Member since Apr 2010

This game, and the other games in the series, should all be rated PTO for Perverted Teenagers Only. All this game is really about is getting underage looking girls to strip. The battle system is OK and the graphics are also OK but that is all this game really has going for it.

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