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Ar Tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel


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Above Average

Not for every player, great potential

posted by Alpha_Cookie (AIRWAY HEIGHTS, WA) Mar 25, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

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First off, let me state that this is a JRPG, which only appeals to a very niche market here in the US. This game has its quirks, and its inappropriate moments that earn this games M rating. The games magic focuses on the getting your singer (magic person) to do the video game equivalent of a strip tease to increase their power. The travelling is what is expected of a typical JRPG clunky animation in top view environment with random screen shatters that turn into a battle, everything you'd expect from a retro Final Fantasy game, just this particular RPG reworks its combat in a "meh" sort of way. The most I can say about the combat is that it at least feels original. That's the only Pro I can really think to give it, instead of a traditional (and more successful) turn by turn, the combat in this game is set in a blandly designed combat "area" (I guess) with you basically hitting Square three times, running backwards to avoid, rinse repeat. Add in protecting your singer for a few seconds so you can just spam their attacks and you have the formula for the rest of the combat, that is really the only tactic here. Hit, Dodge, Magic, Repeat. Now, this system can be made deeper with upgrading your characters equipment and so on and so forth, nothing innovative to the JRPG genre. The voice acting (where you can find it) is actually quite good, but the greater majority of the game is unvoiced and after a voiced segment can feel a little lazy not to have voice acting in the next segment. You wont run into this problem often unless you like to take time to do side quests like me. In conclusion, I would recommend this game to any diehard fans of this games series, as this the final game in the saga, but for those of you looking for a new (or even just a good) RPG experience I would definitely rent this title before purchasing it to make sure you can dedicate yourself to this game, or at least wait for it to go on discount.

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GF Rating


Would have been a good RPG..

posted by 831Raider (SALINAS, CA) Mar 24, 2011

Member since Mar 2010

3 out of 13 gamers (23%) found this review helpful

Its sad, this game had potential. It even would have been a decent, if not for these flaws;

-Okay the main protagonist has to remove clothes to become stronger? (I'm okay with a certain ecchi anime's if their good story and awesome action, because the gore is awesome) It does not however work in games nor did I want to see it in this particular game.

-Cool i just got a new weapon/armor and didn't notice a single change on my character.. Honestly, in this day in age this still happens?

The good;

-The story is just what you would expect, if you can ignore the ecchi story with the girls stripping, you might actually like this game.

-Interesting combat system, easy to understand for the most part..

All in all if you are a hardcore, love anime rpg fan go right ahead.. Its got solid rpg elements so knock yourself out.

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GF Rating

Above Average

interesting to say the least

posted by syrane303 (EVERETT, WA) Mar 28, 2013

Member since Aug 2012

alright, im not terribly impressed with most of the gameplay mechanics, was ok for what it was.

the story however during the begining and near middle was rather repetitive and lame, didnt really engage my interest, but i decided to give the game the benifit of the doubt. once you get into the second half of the game thats when the story starts taking off, in classic anime/rpg styles.

the thing i found probably the most interesting was the cosmosphere idea, and some of which were..... whats the term.... downright shocking. i wont give away the plots for them, but i will say your in for a blast from the past in one of those levels.

its definatly not a kids game for sure, but anyone whos read any of the other comments could figure that out. thus being said, dont play it around little kids. seriously, dont do it.

the battle system was rather confusing at first, but once u get the hang of it, you realized your completely overpowered. the harmonograph can either be your key to an easy victory, or your mortal enemy if you have absolutly no rhythm.

all in all, i say the game really tried, but its not the worst pile of stuff to come out of the ps3 age, 6/10

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