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Jiggling girls aren't enough to make this worth it

posted by damianrock (DULUTH, GA) Apr 21, 2011

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I don't think anyone really explained what this game is before I got it in the mail, so here's a simple explanation.

You (a guy) follow two girls around, who can change physical bodies depending on how well you get to know them.

You (the guy) never change what happens in battle. Only the girls have the ability to buff and heal, and different abilities are found by entering their minds at any town you visit... the more you spend time with them, the deeper into their minds you can go.

Also, the girls power lies in their ability to feel the spirit of the planet, so the less clothing, the closer to the planet they are. They only go down to underwear, so it's not that racey.

Gameplay-wise, the game is a normal RPG, but attacks scenes are live, with you running around hitting the only attack button over and over. After some time, the girls have built-up power to buff or attack.

Overall, the game just isn't fun. It's very VERY text/talk heavy, and there are no bosses or ancient weapons to gather... meaning the story is really you simply following the girls around, occasionally making boring decisions on which one you like, so you can get multiple endings... probably the most endings in any game ever.

It takes a lot of time, a lot of reading/listening, and little thought. This is not quirky fun like Hyperdimension Neptune, or dating fun like any of the Persona series... it's just bland.

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A Fun little RPG worth trying out.

posted by SecretLoser (BOERNE, TX) Jul 2, 2011

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First of all, if you want a incredibly serious story and no fooling around, you are clearly in the wrong place. If you can get past some of the blatant ecchi, you are in for a fun ride.

Graphics: The character models in 3D look okay in the environment, but much better during battle, but the environments are usually pretty generic. Some of the animations of the few times the 3D models talk are pretty bad, so don't be too suprised. The eye candy mainly comes from some of the special battle animations, artwork, and cutscenes.

Sound: Voice acting is very well done in my opinion, and a lot of the sound effects are appropriate. Whether you like the quirky music probably depends on your personality, but it doesn't vary very much. I usually just set the music to zero and play my favorite metal record.

Play-ability: The game is simple but does provide some depth. The battles are fun despite their simplicity, and it's always interesting to enter the girls cosmospheres, but it can occasionally drag a bit. Add a creative synthesis system, and it's a very enjoyable game.

Special Notes: The game is noted for it's mechanic (Purge) where you strip the girls of 3 of their 4 layers of clothing to reveal more skin, so they can use more power from the Earth. This is highly criticized, and causes many reviewers to overlook positive points because of an odd phobia of women.

Audience: The game is mainly for fans of the manga/anime, but only because of the earlier mentioned Purge feature. Prepare yourself for this, and it's lack of too much of a serious tone and you may enjoy yourself very much.

I would rate this game a 7, it's an enjoyable RPG with a few twists and turns that are unusual but welcome if you are prepared for them.

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Very Good

kickass RPG

posted by Ninja75621 (SAINT AUGUSTINE, FL) Oct 28, 2011

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its even better than the last 2

you get to strip girls in order to power up, and be stronger on the battlefield

and even use music as a weapon (metaphorically)

the characters are all around likeable and the combat system is preety neat and complex, and its different too

get this RPG its awesome

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