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Good game, but needs to fix collisions

posted by RequiemX42 (ATHENS, GA) Apr 24, 2006

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While it takes a little while to get use to the driving physics of Apex, the game overall is pretty good. Adding the corporate side of the game was a good idea, though it's not very fleshed out. The biggest problems with Apex involves the collision physics. If anything touches your car other than the road, you can expect to slow to a crawl and probably spin out. I understand that this is done to prevent people from trying to jump sections of the track, but I've never seen grass slow a car from 170 mph to 30 in 3 seconds. Also, this really only seems to affect the player controlled car. I've noticed that whenever, I get hit on the side or sometimes even from behind by an AI car, I slow down while the other car seems to get a speed boost. While this is annoying, it wouldn't be such an issue if not for the second problem. The AI focuses on driving the programmed line regardless of what is in its way, your car or another AI car. This means that if you happen to be stopped right where the AI is told to drive, it will plow straight into your car instead of trying to avoid the collision. All in all, this game is good, but Atari should have caught these issues before release.

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