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Very Good

finally a real flight sim...with helicopters :)

posted by khyron74 (KANSAS CITY, MO) Nov 30, 2010

Member since Dec 2009

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I'll keep this short and sweet. If you like helicopters (I do, I fly them in full simulation mode on microsoft flight simulator) and have the ace edge flight stick (really helps in the immersion and getting the most out of this sim) then this is the game. I have been waiting along time for something like this to come out. There are those who will not like it but I think a little research before buying this will show that it is a pretty true sim on a console so there is some culture shock for some. that being said it's pretty easy, if you like a challenge, want something that emulates flying a helicopter but don't have a good pc, and like something versatile and tactical then this is the game for you. If you want 5 thousand rockets and 400 enemies in the sky spamming the rocket button........might want to look somewhere else.

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Takes Skill

posted by TheWave97 (GAINESVILLE, TX) Mar 2, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

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This is my first review so well see how it goes.

The main aspect of this game is the controls but i'll get to that later.

First off the graphics, pretty good nothing special, I mean not Like Modern Warfare But Good.
The story is like most every other shooter game with terrorist and nuclear weapons and such but ah its fun just to fly the helicopter.
Whitch is the controls, now most other reviews i've read say the controls are bad or to hard or take quite a lerning curve. Hard and learning curve are true especially in realistic difficulty. But i think this were the game really shines, because it actually takes skill to get good at the game, it only took me three/four tries on the training mission with realistic.
Multiplayer i cant say havn't tried it yet.
Their are three/four vehicles in the game two apache models, A scout uav, and a russian hinds.

All in all it depends on wether you like flight sims or not to rent or buy.

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You'll Want to Like It - But Won't

posted by EDVOICE (LOS ANGELES, CA) Dec 26, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

6 out of 11 gamers (55%) found this review helpful

Apache Air Assault is like that person you want to like, but don't. And there's no reason to be political here: it's not you, it's THEM.

Apache Air Assault has all the makings of a competent game. Nice graphics, good sound effects, and the benefit of being the only helicopter game on the XBOX 360. However, it falters in two major areas: controls and game implementation.

The controls you can get used to (sorta): various settings allow you to switch which analog stick controls altitude/yaw/speed/etc and you can invert either control, the camera, or both. But despite this level of control customization, actually maneuvering the Apache is an exercise in constant frustration - it's not that responsive.

You can fly from A to B with little problem, but once you have to enter different view modes to handle smaller ground targets, AND maintain some control over your craft, it all falls apart. You can auto-hover, to zoom in on targets with your machine gun, but then you'll need to target bogeys just out of the angle-range of your guns, so you'll switch out of auto-hover, change position...and it's too late.

...Mission Failed.

While you're fighting the game's controls in tight, time-oriented situations, you'll be JUST out of position to complete an objective and you'll fail the mission.

For most games, this isn't normally a problem - just reload the last checkpoint. But Apache is punishing: you have to restart your mission. You can be 10-20 minutes into a mission, find yourself in a time critical situation, and fail an objective due to the poor controls, and you're back to the beginning of the mission. Boo.

And this is while playing with the standard (easy) controls. There's a more advanced control setting, though only masochists need apply. The "easy" controls are difficult enough.

It's a great thing GameFly exists, so you can rent games like Apache Air Assault before buying them - and then save yourself $40-$60 by taking a pass. Rent it, sure. Buy it? Nope.

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