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WOW !!!

posted by jorgensen (VICTOR, ID) Nov 28, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

15 out of 18 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

To start with this is a helicopter game, not a fixed wing flight sim. I have been waiting for a 360 game that compares to the real flight controls for a helicopter. This is it! i don't have the 360 flight stick, just the controller, and am very impressed. the graphics r pretty dang good. I have just started playing this game and I don't see me putting it down for some time. For those who want a arcade sim , don't rent this game. If you are looking to try a close comparison to flying a real copter this game does it. the controls are pretty trick, but so are a real helicopter's. And yes I am a pilot!
I rate this game a 10. And say well done

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this reacts just like real life.

posted by rukia8492 (WHEELER ARMY AIR FIELD, HI) May 19, 2011

Member since May 2011

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

Ok, so first things first. I'm US Army Aviation and have a PPL for numerous rotary wing aircraft.

Handling: for a helicopter this game has it spot on for you when useing the ace combat ace edge flight stick. i know poeple are complaining about it being slow to respond but any helicopter takes a bit to respond when input is done on the controlls since it's the rotar blades that provide control not like a fixed wing where you put in commands and it does it almost instantly.

weapons: I can say the weapons are indeed true to form.

sounds: yup sounds like a real apache there.

plot: go blow things up and shoot things. sounds like normal everyday operations there based on my real life deployment experiance.

graphics: it's about right for what you will see when looking out an AH-64 cockpit. not everything you see will be crystal clear.

Overall: I have to say this game did it right. it gets a good score from me due to (1) i have actual real life experiance working with army helos(i'm a crew chief on the birds for cryting out loud). (2) this was actually done right.

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Ive been waiting for this

posted by GIDAVE (ALLEN PARK, MI) Nov 27, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

11 out of 16 gamers (69%) found this review helpful

The days of actually playing a game, and learning it, and getting good at are dying very fast. We keep getting the same game, HALO, COD, etc, same game, different graphics, and it plays itself.
If your tired of this crud, and want something engaging, something, that you can learn and get GOOD at, then this is for you.
Im a die hard PC sim guy. I play em all. IL-2, Lock-on, you name it, I play it.
You will NOT BELIEVE this is a console game. to heck with training mode, never even tried it. I wont get into too much tech crud, but for what this is, it does GREAT.
SP game is pretty decent. run of the mill missions. single screen coop/gunner is a lil bit of a let down. Should have been on different screens so the gunner could move his own IHADS, but oh well.
ONLINE COOP BABY. find a few guys that can immerse into this and your good. I play co-op online with a few guys, and we just dont want to put anything else but this in.
No, this is NOT one of the mindless games that strip all creativity from your grasp, but allows you to fly your chopper in the middion how you want to. Wanna fly in guns blazing? wanna stay far back and designate targets for hellfires? wanna scout ahead real low, and call out targets for your coop buddys? you can do it, and it works well.
sure, theres things die hards are missing, but it still fells, and plays like a PC game.
My ACE EDGE flight stick from AC6 works STELLAR. if you have that stick, what are you doing reading this?!?? click rent and fly these sweetly model choppers, and tears some metal...

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