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this reacts just like real life.

posted by rukia8492 (WHEELER ARMY AIR FIELD, HI) May 19, 2011

Member since May 2011

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

Ok, so first things first. I'm US Army Aviation and have a PPL for numerous rotary wing aircraft.

Handling: for a helicopter this game has it spot on for you when useing the ace combat ace edge flight stick. i know poeple are complaining about it being slow to respond but any helicopter takes a bit to respond when input is done on the controlls since it's the rotar blades that provide control not like a fixed wing where you put in commands and it does it almost instantly.

weapons: I can say the weapons are indeed true to form.

sounds: yup sounds like a real apache there.

plot: go blow things up and shoot things. sounds like normal everyday operations there based on my real life deployment experiance.

graphics: it's about right for what you will see when looking out an AH-64 cockpit. not everything you see will be crystal clear.

Overall: I have to say this game did it right. it gets a good score from me due to (1) i have actual real life experiance working with army helos(i'm a crew chief on the birds for cryting out loud). (2) this was actually done right.

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It's about time!

posted by Rage584 (OREM, UT) Jan 16, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

20 out of 22 gamers (91%) found this review helpful

I've been waiting for a good helo game for a while. This game may not be for everyone, but it's the most fun I've had in a long time. It's an entirely new platform. The controls are a little tricky at first, but once you get used to them, you can fly the bird around and rainhell from the skies.

I am currently serving in the United States Army in an Apache battalion. I really enjoy how this game is (mostly) technically accurate; the control scheme is as comparable as is possible to take th $25m gun ship and put it on an xbox controller. The controls resemble the actual controls necessary to fly an Apache: Cyclic, collective, foot pedals, TADS and FLIR systems. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GAME!!!

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Difficult but extremely fun......

posted by RONBO0314 (PUNTA GORDA, FL) Dec 21, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

1 out of 2 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

The graphics of your surroundings are not all that great, but the helicopters are extremely life like and the controls on realistic mode is very challenging. If you get too excited like I do in first person shooters, you will find yourself barrelling the helicopter into the side of a mountain or the ground. It takes some practice and patience to really get a grasp for what this game is about. If you are not patient in learning how to control the chopper you will get nothing out of it but frustration and probably give this game a low review score. But if you like flight sims and refuse to be beaten by the game then you will most likely enjoy the experience, I am still playing mine through campaign and have to just walk away and play something else or I would be pulling my hair out.....if I had hair!

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