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Best chopper game on 360

posted by IRAMOR (SEASIDE, CA) Nov 16, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

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Okay maybe its the only chopper game on 360.. that I can think of. IGN stated that this title was an excuse for Activision to take advantage of its chopper engine in Call of Duty: BO. This isn't so.

For one, this engine is NOTHING like the chopper mission in Call of Duty, the control and options are entirely different. I believe in this game they were going for more of a flight simulation feel, but there is still an intermediate mode for casual players. For the more hardcore, there is a realistic mode in which you must become more intellectually integrated with the physics and control of an Apache helicopter (or a hind) and for even further simulation there is also the ability to change your controls to operate with the flight stick for Xbox 360. Although it is difficult to control the choppers in realistic mode, I personally believe that the challenge is worth it, as this is probably the closest most of us will ever get to flying a real chopper.

Another big plus is the co operative mode, one player pilots, while the other plays gunner. Not particularly unique, but for those who enjoyed the AC-130 mission in MW2's sec ops mode, this will be a lot of fun. Being a co op fan myself, this is a nice addition.

As far as story I have not gotten deep into it, however the voice acting is decent and fairly likeable, and there are multiple breaks in the missions where you have to do action A in order to successfully get to B. One example of this is a "blackhawk down" style section in a mission where one of you're fellow apaches goes down and you must resort to using the front camera on your chopper to rain fire on enemies closing in on their position.

All in all, I think this makes a good rental at least. It may not be for some, but it is definitely a good quick thrill, and although it may not be particularly innovative, the control, sound design, camera, and graphics are excellent for its genre. I would definitely recommend this game as a rental.

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Excellent Helicopter Flight Sim for the 360

posted by JS_Helms (DONALSONVILLE, GA) May 10, 2011

Member since May 2011

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I have to address the ridiculous complaints about this game's controls.

Helicopters are not airplanes. Their flight characteristics are completely different and this game reflects the difficulty of controlling a helicopter in flight. One reviewer mentioned that the helicopter is unresponsive to his attempts to control it. What most people do not know is that, when making adjustments to the cyclic and collective, each rotor blade responds by changing pitch independently at separate times while passing over the tail or the nose of the aircraft, depending on what you are telling the heli to do. If you have 4 rotor blades, that means each blade will make an adjustment independent of the other 3 blades as they pass over a common point along their path. This causes a slight delay between the pilot's input and the reaction of the aircraft. There's also the issue of overcoming momentum and other elements of physics that people seem to forget about when playing a FLIGHT SIMULATOR.
I have DCS: Black Shark for my PC and it is literally the most complex and realistic helicopter flight sim currently available. If you read manuals about flying helis and try it out on Black Shark, you will get the exact reaction from the aircraft that is described in the manual. Apache: Air Assault is about 30 or 40% easier to fly than the super accurate flight sim. If you spend a good 30 minutes or so focusing on flying the Apache prior to starting a mission you will find the game much more enjoyable.

If you're not interested in the complexities inherent in helicopter flight and are looking for a straight up arcade shooter, just go away. Go far, far away.

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It's about time!

posted by Rage584 (OREM, UT) Jan 16, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

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I've been waiting for a good helo game for a while. This game may not be for everyone, but it's the most fun I've had in a long time. It's an entirely new platform. The controls are a little tricky at first, but once you get used to them, you can fly the bird around and rainhell from the skies.

I am currently serving in the United States Army in an Apache battalion. I really enjoy how this game is (mostly) technically accurate; the control scheme is as comparable as is possible to take th $25m gun ship and put it on an xbox controller. The controls resemble the actual controls necessary to fly an Apache: Cyclic, collective, foot pedals, TADS and FLIR systems. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GAME!!!

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