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A nice breath of Air...Assault

posted by UkManiak (ROCHESTER, NY) Nov 21, 2010

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Ok, first and foremost...this game will not be for everyone.Apache Air Assault Released at the worst and best possible time in the history of gaming. With Call of Duty and Assassins Creed posing for the win, this just seems as if it will just be dust in the wind, especially in the US, which is a shame. because it holds its ground nicely!

A flight Simulator with a fictional twist that puts the ultimate beast in the sky right in between your Apache!, what more could you ask for? Your mission is simple....rain fire upon the enemy. Though it does take some getting used too, when you customize the controls to your liking and fly a few training missions...guiding a much needed Medivac Convoy through death's alley doesn't seem like such a bad thing

Online is much fun, i suggest you have a few friends who are going to rent this as well, because you can have up to four Apache's in sixteen different missions and most if not all are meant to please and they long as you are communicating because most of these online missions require lots of that! Sort of like SOCOM in the sky!

So if you are looking for a "vacation" game (i.e. a break from your norm), this is it. You will get some OOO's and AAAH's as well as some OMG moments, Apache Air Assault will fill a week of your life up nicely. It has more spark than some reviewers are seeing, I think It's because they didn't give it much more than a Fly-by.

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Finally a good simulator

posted by revenger68 (PHOENIX, AZ) May 6, 2011

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I almost rented this, but at the last moment chose to buy it after playing the demo. It's been quite a while since I've played a good simulator on a console. This is indeed an EXCELLENT, complex chopper SIMULATOR! I've been playing sims for years. This game took a bit of practice with expert settings. After a while though: you can really appreciate the maneuverability of the Apache. This game exceeds in the realistic feel and maneuverability of the chopper.

The only downfall are the missions. As with many other sims out there: they're generally about the same as seen in other sims and feel somewhat generic. there are other things that make up for this:

For the True Simulator Fan: It DOES offer the horrible modern-day 'easy' controls. but if you're not a sim fan: you'll enjoy this settings. For the true fan: You'll LOVE the advanced realistic mode. Master it and you'll be king of the skies.

Unique Co-op style playing with muliplayer: gunner and Pilot/navigator.

Gun controls: The control and feel of your main gun feels real, using the heat signatures to find targets hiding on the land or sea is really fun!

All-in-all while the game's missions have your typical 'sim' generic feel: the controls are amazing, gunnery controls are awesome and co-op is fun and IMO make up for the somewhat generic missions. Not to mention I can't remember when the CONSOLE had a true sim like this released. It's worth a rent. or in my case: A purchase.

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Above Average

Quick Plat. with fair skill

posted by Toreup (Bettendorf, IA) Dec 18, 2010

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Hone your skills in the Chopper and you'll complete all Req. in 15 Hours or Less! Spread out gameplay over a week and you'll have a blast.
AAir A is well worth the playthrough and online Games are Easy to find/create. Campain is realistic fealing but functional on a standard controller.
Lift your patience tolerance on a few levels Once You know how to beat them and get through the Game even on Training' You will Find it fun to Re-play on a harder difficulty or try some Co-op online or Local.

I'd say it's a solid 6-7 Rated Game but a 9-10 for Quick and Fun Platinum Trophy/ Achievement Collector.

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