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Ant Bully


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Also on:PS2, GC, GBA
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128 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Ant Bully

GamePlay: Swing the Remote up, down, and side-to-side to control attacks. Pitching and rolling the Nunchuk will affect motions. Use the Nunchuk Controller to control camera movement.

Control Stick (Nunchuk) Move Character
Control Pad Select Weapon
C Button (Nunchuk) Toggle First Person View. Activate Goggles.
A Button Action. Pick-Up. Drop. Interact. Activate Telepathy (When On Hotspot).
B Button Primary Attack. Charge Attack. Throw Held Object. Fire Silk (Hold and Release). Dart Bow.
Wii Remote Staff Attack. Jump Attack (When Staff Is Selected). Throw Object.
Z Button (Nunchuk) Camera Lock-On
+ Button Pause. Options.
Combo #1 Roll Character = Move Nunchuk Rapidly Downwards
Combo #2 Flight Control = Tilt Nunchuk In Direction You Wish To Turn
Combo #3 Spin Attack = B Button (Hold) + Swing Remote
Combo #4 Staff Attack = Rapidly Swing Remote
Combo #5 Jump Attack = B Button + Rapidly Swing Remote Downwards
Combo #6 Charge Attack = B Button + Rapidly Swing Remote In Horizontal Motion