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Animal Crossing: Wild World

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Animal Crossing Returns

posted by matt850 (SHREVEPORT, LA) Jul 1, 2006

Member since Oct 2004

When Animal Crossing first premiered on the Gamecube, I really enjoyed it. Even the "work" was fun. When Nintendo announced this was coming out on DS with the new Wi-Fi support, it was one of the reasons I got a DS Lite at launch. Not much has changed since the Gamecube version, which is good and bad. While boring stuff was sort of "fun" on the Gamecube version, the 2nd time around it wasn't as fun. It also had some of the problem to me Mario 64 DS had, which was an analog joystick game translated to a d-pad and a touch screen. It worked better than Mario 64 did in my opinion, I think Nintendo has gotten better at porting these games to DS. The Wifi aspect is neat, similar to what memory cards did on the Gamecube version. Overall more of the same package Gamecube contained, and I recommend it.

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animal crossing: wild world

posted by bobbyh15 (SALTVILLE, VA) Jun 29, 2006

Member since Apr 2004

I love this game, as fun as the game cube version plus more. You can use the buttons or the touch screen for controls, thanks to touch screen it's easier to write letter to people in your game. Surprisingly the graphics are almost as good as the game cube version. If you didn't get to play the original, it's all about living in a town with animal friends. You go to work, buy a house, pay a mortgage, even go fishing, basically establish a life for yourself. The only bad thing about the game, is while it does have wi-fi and you can game online with other people. You have to find a person's game code and they have to have yours in order to play, you just can't go online and find someone. Over all I love animal crossing;wild world. This is a game that lets you take a break from the violence. It's got great reply value, and every day is filled with surprises.

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This game is

posted by J123456 (EAST ROCKAWAY, NY) Jun 13, 2006

Member since May 2006

This game is so bad a returned it the first day. don't get this game because it is really bad. i hate this game a lot maybe a rent this game again and try is again maybe a will like it but i will probably not.

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