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Even better than Wild World

posted by GameGirrl3 (FAIRMONT, WV) Jul 15, 2013

Member since Nov 2006

I absolutely loved Wild World..but,I had some problems connecting to other people,and there were some things you couldn't do if you didn't have others to come visit your town..well,it seems like they've gotten that fixed,and there's still so much to do even if no one comes to your town..I am excited at the fact that there are more shops,and,there's an island to explore too,how awesome is that?One big reason I've always loved Animal Crossing games is the fact that it's so relaxing and calming to go at your own pace,and you play as often or as less often as you like(but you have to play kind of regularly to keep your town up).If you enjoyed the other Animal Crossing games even a little bit,I think you'll like this one even better than the rest :)

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Best one yet

posted by matt5177 Jun 30, 2013

I was very surprised at how well this game was. It is very fun to play and by far the best of the animal crossing series. I didn't really see any downsides to this game, except that some stuff cost way to much to build. I would recommend it to anybody looking for a relaxing game. It's a nice break from call of duty games.

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The ultimate Animal Crossing game!

posted by mrkatamari (HYNDMAN, PA) Jun 30, 2013

Member since Oct 2008

I'll be honest. I was rather disappointed in the Animal Crossing City Folk game for the Wii. I felt that the city features were overblown, and little felt nearly as intuitive or expansive as the DS title Wild World. Plus, I just liked the touch or d-pad use on the DS title more.

Regardless, I was very excited to play a new Animal Crossing game, and New Leaf looked to add a bit more to the game to sweeten the deal. I pre-ordered it right away and was excited for it to launch.

It was immediately clear to me that New Leaf would mix much of what was good about City Folk with the intuitive controls of both the Wii (analog stick) and DS (stylus control). There's so much more to do in this entry than the previous two!

First of all, the main draw is that you can become the mayor of the town! This means that in addition to upgrading your private house to amazingly huge proportions, you also have the role of rebuilding the town and funding projects to bring back different town centers such as the police HQ or Mr. Resetti's Reset Center.

You also have the ability to essentially take up an 'ordinance' suggested by the townsfolk. Examples of what these laws do include anything from extending the store and animal activity into the wee hours of the night, or increasing the buy/sell prices of the local shops, allowing you to rake up the bells! It's a nice way to customize the game features to your liking.

Outside of the new mayoral duties is the ability to visit 'main street' which includes basically every building from City Folk. New tools include the megaphone which allows you to yell the name of an animal into the mic in order to locate them, and the scuba suit that allows you to dive into the ocean and fish up all sorts of creatures and lost objects.

All the new features make this game the ultimate Animal Crossing game. If you're a fan of the series, it's amazing. For everyone else, I must say that the game is very casual, so keep that in mind and don't expec

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