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Very Good

Awesome, but nothing new..

posted by Mario11168 (RIO RANCHO, NM) Apr 17, 2009

Member since Jun 2008

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I love the Animal Crossing games, and I thought I would love this one just as much. If any of you have played Animal Crossing: Population Growing (For GameCube) and/or Animal Crossing: Wild World (For DS) you'll know how much changed between the two. If you play this game, you'll know how much DIDN'T change between the three.. The cliffs are back from the GameCube version, new bugs and fish can be caught, a few new people, and you get to go to a city to buy horribly overpriced furniture..

The things I liked about this game:

Wii speak for WiFi, doesn't lag on WiFi, the gameplay felt a lot more open, and there are a few new things that are partly refreshing.

Things I didn't like:

When you run on your grass, it wears down, and DOESN'T. GROW. BACK unless you don't run on it for like, a year. That was a stupid feature.. Also, the characters ended up saying the same thing over and over, instead of where they would always say something different in the older games.

I say buy this game or rent it, however, because of its long replay value. If you have NEVER played ANY Animal Crossing game, then you HAVE to get this game, but if you have played the others and you own those, I say just rent this game. It ends up getting repetitive compared to the earlier Animal Crossing games.

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GF Rating


Hmm, this game is amazing!

posted by Ipownyu (KASSON, MN) Dec 21, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I bought this game because I had been a fan of the series since the original game. I loved them all and the loving does not stop for City Folk. I think that the artwork stayed in the same general category, the smaller chibi people and the talking animals are just awesome. I mean the game keeps me entertained all day, even when all the fruit is gone. The good thing is that the next day you get more fruit to sell anyway. :D I think that this is a must have for the nintendo wii.

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GF Rating

Very Good

I LOVE Animal Crossing! But...

posted by fruitandveggies (STERLING, VA) Apr 12, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

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Let me first state that I LOVE Animal Crossing. It is probably my favorite game ever. However, there are a lot of things that have changed from the GameCube version that I seriously did not like. That didn't keep me from playing it every day, sometimes for hours.
My gripes (mostly changes from the GC version):
-The most annoying thing about this game is a good portion of the gameplay is only available for people with online friends who play AC. Well, I don't have any of those and you really don't want people you don't know with your town code or they can come in and hack away, steal your stuff, etc. The auction house is 100% useless, the HRA contests are seriously lacking, you don't ever get to talk to Booker again, and the WORST part is that other people in your family cannot make another town. That seriously SUCKS. You have no way to get any other fruit (I haven't been successful getting foreign fruit from other townspeople) and if the other people play, your fossils, etc. have to be split between all four people.
-The amount of fossils you find is DRAMATICALLY reduced. And when you do finally get most of them, they are still random out of all the possible fossils, making it nearly impossible to get all of them.
-No more glowing money spots.
-The ability to make bells is greatly reduced. You can no longer expect a townsperson to have a job for you to do to be rewarded for. It doesn't happen often.
-The fish are much more difficult to catch. And you can't get the golden fishing rod (which makes it easier) until you catch all the fish.
Things I like:
-Well, it's Animal Crossing. New additions I like are Blathers' ability to check fossils, new K.K. songs, townspeople approaching you, flowers, Katrina, Redd and Gracie have shops, the townsfolk are much nicer, emotions, advanced clothing design, gifts from Nintendo, screen caps and a few other things. I could go on, but I've got a character limit!
I do recommend City Folk, but be aware of its flaws.

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