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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

How to get over 50,000 bells.

On Easter, in front of the Town Hall, there will be a rabbit. Get a shovel and start finding stars on the ground. Dig in the stars, and you will find an Easter egg, some will be Gyroids, pitfalls, and other stuff, there are about 14 eggs, open them and most will be candy, and some will be Bunny foils, do not sell them to Tom Nook, he will not accept the foils, give the foils to the rabbit. He will give you treats, don't keep them, sell them to Tom Nook, do that whole thing over and over again and you will get rich, that's how to get over 50,000 dollars.

Shoe Colour Change

When you go to the city you might see a skunk (Kicks). He'll clean your shoes and they will be a different colour or design.

Fishing Rod

You can get a free fishing rod from Tortimer by talking to him during the fishing contest.

Free Net

You can get a free net by talking to Tortimer during the bug catching contest.

Money Rocks

Each day there will be one rock in your town that will give you money if you hit it with a shovel. Each day it's a different rock, but when you find it just keep hitting it to get bells.

Wisp the Ghost

To find the ghost, wait until Monday Nights after all stores have closed and before 4:00 AM, go to the south-east corner of your town and you will hear a voice. Follow the voice and wisp will ask you to find his lamp for him. Go to the attic of your house and there it will be. If you do so, he will either give you a randomized gift, clear all your weeds, repaint your house, or clear your house of cockroaches.


On Thanksgiving, starting at 3 PM, the mayor will be standing outside with a table full of food. He will be giving away forks and knives to everyone, and he will also ask you to deliver some to people. When he gives you them take them and go find the Turkey person in your town, Franklin. He is starting to get that we like to eat turkeys on thanksgiving, so for every pair of utensils he will give you a harvest something.

Money Trees for sure.

First cut down a fruit tree. Then take 10,000 Bells and bury it. Make sure it grows and then every time it fruits it should make 30,000 Bells.

Double the Money Rock

If you hit the daily money rock with the silver shovel (which can be obtained by visiting Resetti's Shop), it will double the output of bells from the rock. It only doubles the sacks of bells spit out, not the single coins.

Even bigger Money Tree.

Instead of planting just 10,000 bells to get a 30,000 bell tree, plant 50,000 bells to get a tree that produces 90,000 bells every 3 to 4 days. This is the maximum amount you can get from a tree and there is just a 50% chance that the tree will start producing. Take very good care of it. And to help your chances improve, water it everyday.

Gyroid Storage Space

Speak to Brewer in the Cafe at the museum and take a cup of coffee for 200 bells. DO NOT wait for it too cool. Drink a cup of coffee EVERY day for 7 days and NEVER wait for it to cool or you will have to start over. Brewer will then open up storage space for you.

New Fruit for your town.

Tired of your Town fruit which only sells for 100 bells a pop? No one to really get new fruit from? Well here's an easy way to get all the fruit you didn't start with. Buy some paper and write a letter to everyone in town saying "This is a Gift for you." Place in the letter a piece of your town fruit. Send as much as you can, the more the better. They will always send you something back. It may not always be a pieces of fruit though, but most of the time it's a fruit or a shirt. The fruits you can get are apples, pears, cherries, peaches, oranges, and coconuts.

Donating Helps

Donating stuff, like fish and bugs, makes the percentage of that specific creature appearing go up. Example: Tuna (Rare Ocean Fish). After donating the fish to the museum, the chances of you catching another one go up. Though this does not change the bees. There will always be 5 beehives in your town everyday.

Make Money On Turnips

Every Sunday morning there will be a turnip salesman around town. Find her and buy white turnips cheap and sell them for more. If you buy a red turnip you get a lot of cash, but they're hard to grow.

More on Kicks (the skunk in the city)

Kicks will change the style or color of your shoes if you pay him 500 bells. If you choose color he will change them to the color of the clothing you are wearing. Also, he can only change to these colors. Red, green, pink, yellow, white, and blue. If you chose style, he will change them to 1 of 3 styles. If you are wearing shirt or common based clothes he will give you sneakers. If you are wearing dress based clothing he will give you little nice dress shoes. If you are wearing anything else he will simply give you sandals.

Triple the money rock

If you hit the money rock with a golden shovel(which you can get from burying a shovel and digging up 24 hours later) you will get 3 sacks of money the first 1000 bells the second 2000 bells the third 4000 bells.

Valentine's Day

Go to the Roost on February 14 and order a coffee. Brewster will give you hot cocoa and wish you a happy Valentine's Day.

Fill in a hole without a shovel

If you are standing in front of a hole and you dont feel like getting out your shovel just stand facing the hole and push the B button.Your person will just fill in the hole with his or her foot! Isn't that cool?

Where to find K.K.

If you go to the roost at 8:00 p.m. on Saturdays K.K. will be there!he will give you one song and then if you want him to he will play a lot more songs but you dont get them!

Helping on Halloween

On Halloween night Jack comes out to play.But do you know which person is Jack?When you walk in front of the person,they usually chase you.If they DON'T chase you it is Jack.If they do...RUN!!!BUT, if they catch you NEVER say no.they will change your clothes into an ugly patched shirt.So when you walk around on Halloween wear a PATTERN!!!They can't change a pattern but they CAN change one of the things in your pockets into a Jack-in-the-box(which is worthless)so don't carry anything valuable on Halloween!!!