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game for 5 year olds....

posted by zombieone (ANSTED, WV) Feb 16, 2013

Member since Sep 2009

this game is horrible, it's designed for a 5 year old at best.

The story is lame, the characters are lame, the playstyle and controls are lame. The multiplayer is horrible... yeah this game might have been cool in the 80's but not in todays market.

It tries to be a fighting game and does it poorly, no wonder this game just released and gamefly is selling it for 25 bucks..... that pretty much says it all.

I spent about 15 minutes in the "campaign" which is just you running around on a map fighting using the same combos over and over and over and over. you unlock levels by raising your score from fighting "mutants" and i use this term loosely, most of the initial mobs are guys wearing gas masks or using a flame thrower. you do eventually start fighting monsteresque type mobs that actually do resemble mutants to a extent i guess.

The multiplayer i couldnt handle more than 2 minutes of it, it pits about 16 players on one map in a "free for all" type match. It does have unlockable "equips" that boost things such as combo power by %'s and things that give better defense/offense. I couldnt play it long enough to unlock any

Yeah avoid this game unless you are under 12, like bad controls, horrible voiceovers, and barely mediocre graphics.

It spent a total of maybe 30 minutes in my PS3 before i packaged it back up and sent it back to gamefly...Sega... I always knew most of your games sucked, but wow really you guys just keep spiriling down. It's time to find something new, because good games is not something you understand at all.

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