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A great budget title!

posted by Unenthused (VANCOUVER, WA) Mar 11, 2013

Member since Feb 2008

-First of all this game isn't bad. If there were more people playing it, then online would be an excellent experience, but due to a small amount of people playing means less chances of online sessions being paired up.
-The graphics aren't awful as some as the other reviewers state. Really, the graphics for the type of game are great (not the best) and definitely better than others. Add in all the chaos that's happening on a fairly large map... it's a lot to process all at once.
The sound is okay, not bad. I don't like the generic mouth movements with excessive emotion from characters... they don't line up and sure, the acting is misplaced. But the soundtrack does more than make up for the amusingly bad dialogue. I found the music to be pretty intense and makes you get into the battling a lot more. Plus, the songs are well done... not just some random techno/guitar rifts that are for crackheads.
-The online will lag. Are you surprised? I'm not! What game online DOESN'T lag??? Add in the fact you have 16 people battling on a large scale map... a room full of players from the US, Mexico, Canada, UK, JPN, and even AUS (Of course anywhere really). If that session doesn't lag, then you must be suffering from epilepsy because there's no way you'd miss those dropped frames! Occasionally you can host a room with friends and locals, but nothing is guaranteed. The lag is livable though because those who're lagging will phase in and out (the character will flash) and all you have to do is avoid them. The room as a whole won't lag enough to make a difference unless everyone is flashing.
-The gameplay is fairly simple... you learn the basic combos that apply for everyone... the only catch is that some characters maneuver differently and the "tricks"won't be as effective. Take the basic combos, add in the random items you acquire throughout the map and just kill people. You can die a lot, sure, but just make it a point to kill the most.
---Just Relax and enjo

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anarchy reigns

posted by bigtimesfv (SUNLAND, CA) Dec 17, 2014

Member since Nov 2014

great game.the graphics are cool wish more people played.worth the rent,breath of fresh air.

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Good but could of been better

posted by Bigrob5700 (KANSAS CITY, MO) Jan 20, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

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Here's a more informative review. I gave this game some time and I say you should rent before buying, here are the reasons. The combat is fun, it isn't deep like tekken tag team 2 or anything but it's decent enough. I'll break this review down in two sections starting with the campaign.

You chose Leo or Jack from Madworld. They have different stories but they intertwine. All you do is kill guys in the open world to do a side quest, doing a side quest allows you to do a main quest. There's 3 main quest missions per level and 10 levels total after playing both characters. Its mostly rinse and repeat, the talk scenes are off and weird, and the story makes little sense, but you got to play this to unlock the characters for multiplayer easier and some of the abilities. At least the trophies are easy to get and are all based off of the campaign.

Now for multiplayer. you got 3 classes, light which is all the girls, medium which are all the guys except Douglas, Big Bull, Garuda, and Gargoyle which are heavy. Each of these classes attack differently and have different abilities. As you level up you get unlocks such as characters and abilitys to make things easier for you. Even though the fighting is easy in campaign, multiplayer is completely different, mostly for the worse. You got your standard mutiplayer game types such as deathmatch and capture the flag, but you also have a soccer type game mode called deathball. All of this is fun but lag runs rampant in most games and you'll have to adjust to it to get better. The best you can do is select your country and pray for the best connection, else you'll die often. They can easily patch online to make it funner but I don't think this game will get the fanbase to get it thanks to games like CoD:BO2.

This game is kinda fun but the effort put in just isn't enough, and the game just isn't too known. I say give it a chance, you may like it but you'll see that it can be so much more...

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