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One of the most difficult music games

posted by BenvolioZF (PLUM, PA) Apr 19, 2006

Member since Jun 2005

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If you're looking at the cover of Amplitude and scoffing at the artist titles, still check it out. Really, I was never the biggest fan of blink 182, but still I tried to master the song on Brutal.

If you have no rhythm or just generally stink at music games, consider another title. This game is unforgiving and all about the timing. There's only three different buttons to press, but it still has challenging presses. Nailed that crazy drum loop? Good, in less than a second you have to switch the track, read the bassline and start mashing again. The key word for this game is challenge.

If you like playing Beatmania, but don't wanna fork out the money for Japanese equipment and importing, check this out, it has all the challenge with none of the expenses.

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An amazing, challenging and addicting game!

posted by Darkhavans (YORK, PA) Mar 16, 2007

Member since Aug 2006

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I've been playing Amplitude for a long time now, and I have to say it's probably one of the best games I've played. I'm a big fan of rhythm games and am now highly addicted to DDR and Guitar Hero. Amplitude is a great game and it includes many different things you can do, other than just hit notes on a few songs. The game play is fairly straightforward, you can use the shoulder buttons or Triangle, Square, and Circle to hit notes. Each song has a different tempo and some incorporate much harder and quicker tracks. You need to go through the song and hit all the tracks you can without making any mistakes, this is called a streak, and it gives you bonus points. You ride along in a spaceship type thing and zap the notes using the buttons, then once you complete one track, you use the arrows to advance to another. There are also many different power-ups, such as Freestyle, which allows you to get extra points by creating different sounds with your shoulder buttons and joysticks. There is also the autoblaster, which automatically blasts a whole track, and the slow-mo, which slows everything down. Amplitude includes features like Remix, and Multi-player, and On-line multi-player. Remix allows you to remix, and ultimately recreate any song you want. Multi-player is very fun and competitive, and has special power-ups just for it. Online-Multi-player is even more competitive, adding more players. You can play can play on 4 different difficulties: Mellow, Normal, Brutal, and Insane, which is literally insane. I would reccomend amplitude to anyone who likes a music, fast paces gameplay, and doesn't lack hand-eye coordination (which, by the way, this game can help improve).

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Very Good

Great Game

posted by wetwillies (MILFORD, CT) Apr 20, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

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Amplitude is awesome. The only rhythm game I've played better than this is Guitar Hero. Amplitude can sound pretty simple. For anyone who played FreQuency it's pretty much the same. But for those of you who have not let me explain. The first time you pick up the game you create a little virtual character called a FreQ. Your FreQ you could say is a one man band of sorts. I'll Get into that later. There are a bunch of different shirts, pants ect. for your FreQ to wear. Then its time to jam! You play the tutorial and that basically explains the simple stuff of the game. Like how to play. Now I will explain how to play. As you start a song there are different tracks for every element of a song ex. guitar bass drums and vocals. As you play there are notes that are linked to together. Like a rhythm game as the screen scrolls down you hit the certain note at the certain time. In Amplitude there are 3 notes on a track. You use R1 L1 L2 or you could use X O or square. I prefer to use the shoulder buttons as using just your thumb is ALOT harder. Now as you play your FreQ is in the corner of the screen and depending on which track your FreQ will play that track. Like if you are on vocals your FreQ will be holding a Mic guitar drums ect. There are a bunch of power ups like slo mo and freestyle. This game has a great soundtrack with bands like blink-182, Weezer, Run-DMC, POD and Papa Roach. For anybody saving for Guitar Hero this is a good rent/buy to hold you over. If you like this I recommend
1. Guitar Hero
2. FreQuency
And for a real challenge
3. Gitaroo Man

Ok that's about it. I hope this review helped you decide whether to buy this game. It's alot of fun.

Signing Off,

wet willies

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