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Stupid Funny

posted by sNakel337 (BROOKLYN, NY) May 9, 2006

Member since Aug 2005

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GamerTag: Snakel337

As the title states, this game is “stupid funny”. This means, if you are not into laughing about really stupid comments, and or actions you will NOT enjoy this game. You will find yourself going through the game’s main story mode in no more than 5 to 6 hours max. However, it does offer some replay factor in that it lets you achieve other stuff such as : perfect scores, online scores(after you get a gold medal for the run), impress people(you have to build up a “bar”, then go around skating infront of people), etc.

Getting more into the stupid funny statement….personally, I don’t find most of it that funny, but perhaps some of you will. The comments are really stupid, the way they speak seems to making fun of people, how they act, etc. What I DO find funny is sledding down a hill, falling off the sled and watching my guy(the character your playing with) see his doom. Or even better yet, flying in the air(gliding or whatever), and turning it upside down and letting your character fall down…I just find it amusing how he falls and hits places to places, screams, and then wipes off the (imaginary)blood from his face.

In summary Amped is a fun game that should be rented and then decided upon if you should purchase or not.

Score: 7/10

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GF Rating

Very Good

Amped 3 is a must have!

posted by Chad711 (DALLAS, TX) Apr 19, 2006

Member since Jan 2006

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I personally have never played any of the first Amped games. I can say that this game is very fun and worth ever dollar. There is more then enough content in the game to keep you busy for months. Replay value is a biggy for me. I would rate the replay value of this game around a 8.5.

The bad. There is no way to tell how many events you have metals in on each mountain. You need to go to the main menu and look at your stats, which still do not break it down by each mountain. This would help when you are trying to find which areas you still need to carve up! To switch mountains you need to go back to the main menu. The seems a little ho-hum if you ask me.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Shred Some Virtual Pow

posted by KingKeepo (SEATTLE, WA) Apr 19, 2006

Member since Oct 2005

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While not being as graphically next-gen as some had hoped, Amped 3 is extremely playable and a lot of fun.

From the awesome cut scenes, done with a great sense of humor and some neat design flair, to shredding the slopes and pulling off amazing tricks, this game doesn't fail to impress.

One of the most appealing things about the game is the "just one more go" factor. There are so many events, jumps, runs and storyline tasks that you just have to keep going back to get gold, and the variety is easily enough to keep you interested. Very playable indeed.

On the downside the controls were a little odd after playing through Amped 2, but that fixed itself after a while. Graphically it could have been better, but the game draws you in enough to make you not care. Some of the crash animations are a little ludicrous too...

All in all a very fun game, especially the events where you have to rack up a hospital bill by launching off a cliff and bouncing down the rocks.

Highly recommended - now grip it and rip it and rent it.

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