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This doesn’t quite meet the Mensa Game Standard

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Feb 4, 2013

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There are a lot of shows out there that celebrate people for being stupid (or doing really stupid things), and there are a lot of games out there that tests people’s ability to destroy lots of stuff.
So it’s a good thing that there’s a game out that tries to encourage people to be smart – America Mensa Academy.
This game has six sections in it that deal with vocabulary, math, patterns, memory, and so on. You can take these sections on by yourself (they start of easy, and gradually ramp up to the really tough), or you can take the IQ test (30 questions in 15 minutes) by yourself to see how you rank on the smart scale.
Every question in this game uses the pointing features of the Wiimote. You either point at what you think is/are the right answer(s) or on the indicated icon(s) and click the A button. And you keep going until the end of the section (10 questions).
But there are a few questions in the IQ test that require you to type in the answer on a calculator. Even so, this game is easy to pick up and play.
The questions are simple: do some arithmetic, balance a seesaw, find letters to fill in missing parts of a word, figure out the missing segment of a sequence, remake a face from memory, and so on.
There’s also a multiplayer mode here, too. There are two games in the multiplayer part – one where you race to the finish line (right answers to questions make you go faster)
Also, there’s a fighting game where you get enough right answers in a row, you can do some damage to you opponents (each player here has 10 life points, and whoever goes down to zero loses). Last player standing wins.
But let’s face it – this is a glorified IQ test. The music gets repetitive and annoying, as does the voiceovers of the staff that’s in the game. It can make players feel like they’re taking a multiple choice test in grade/high school.
American Mensa Academy has some good ideas of making tests fun, but it’s bogged down by repetitious gameplay and music. RENT IT.

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