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America's Army: True Soldiers


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Gameplay Controls

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America's Army: True Soldiers
Directional Pad
Up = Select Primary Weapon. Down = Select Secondary Weapon. Left/Right = Select Grenade.
Left Thumbstick
Move. Sprint (Hold).
Right Thumbstick
Aim. View.
Click Right Thumbstick
Adjust Scope
A Button
Reload Weapon. Open Rate of Fire Menu (Hold).
B Button
Select Previous Weapon. Open Equip Menu (Hold).
X Button
Toggle Leader Chat
Y Button
Perform Contextual Action. Open Action Menu (Hold).
Right Bumper
Change Stance. Toggle Stand/Crouch. Move to Prone (Hold).
Left Trigger
Hold Focus. Scope.
Right Trigger
Start Button
Pause Menu
Back Button
Blue Force Tracker
Dive To Prone
Combat Roll