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Do not waste your time

posted by everlyafte (ARCHBOLD, OH) Dec 3, 2007

Member since Nov 2007

On this game I give it a one out of 10. This game sucks so bad that I played it 10 minutes. Do not waste a rental on the game. The game is mostly a online game, there is some off-line game to be played but are mostly trained. You can download this game has a demo, which is the majority of the game yes with the CD you get different maps and some other small stuff definitely not worth a rental.
The online gameplay is not that good at all it is slow and not realistic if an enemy shoots you in the head with a rocket launcher, you just fall to the ground and have to wait a minute before a team member comes and gives you health or you die.

If you want a good shooter game try renting call of duty 4. It is the best game out there.

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pro and con about this game

posted by crua99 (COCOA BEACH, FL) Nov 22, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

first things first. dep on your job in the army, you most likely wont be doing this.

1. it a game made by the army

1. it very very very very boring.
2. i done some training stuff like this in real life and this is nothing like the real deal. the guy moves around way to much, the guy sounds like a fat man runing a 10 k with a jar of fat in his mouth and they walk to there next place.
3. the sound of the guy runing might make you want to get in there and shoot him. i wouldnt doubt the enimies would hear him coming.
4. the looks in this game is super bad. its like a wii game.
5. the guy moves around way to much when you aim. if your aiming a sinper yes you will move somwhat like that, but this guy is aiming a 9mm and he moving around like he waving a plane in.
6.i had probelms where they can find you even if your hidden and they can shoot at you but you cant shoot at them.
7. if you look around in this game, it mostly ads so people will go in the army. if you want that then y dont you just call up the army for a dvd.

all in all i hated this game. in the first min in the first mission you can figer out y.
this game is a waste of money dude to how boring it is and some of the probelms with this game.

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Simulated Boring Combat

posted by zzzmon (NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR) Nov 20, 2007

Member since Apr 2005

Too Bad..They could of done better with this propaganda. Aside from it being a training op, the graphics are lame. Your teamates dont heal you at times. They stand over you and look at the sky. The 'enemy" is inconsistent. Sometimes they swarm you and other times they dont hardly show up. The squad leader doesnt die nor does he bother with healing any teamates. After playing through the game you do get weapons upgrades but the game is so short where do you go with them?

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