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This game will kick you in your junk -

posted by Mattius (CARLSBAD, CA) Nov 20, 2007

Member since Nov 2004

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This game's so terrible you'll walk away from it feeling like you've been kicked in the junk.

This "game" is a virtual combat simulator of a TRAINING MISSION. I can't stress this enough: The Army created a video game simulation of a training exercise and released it for commercial consumption.

In this "wargame," you fight against AK-47 wielding scarecrows who rush towards you then sit down when you or your squadmates "shoot" them. They pose no threat of any kind to anyone or anything. In fact, I think they're just hired actors from the local community college.

You work with an M16 with no accessories. You cannot choose any other weapons, nor can you modify your weapon in any way, although you can work through your fireteam as a different specialist: a grenadier, a Squad Automatic Weaponier, a marksman with a bolt-action M24, or a team leader.

Your mission is to follow orders and attack stationary props using standard-issued army weaponry. That's right, each target is a stationary prop. It's a video game, yet the targets you destroy are 2-D props made from brown plywood.

You can also qualify with each weapon at the range.

The Army took all the boring parts of training - the lack of adrenaline, the waiting around, the obnoxious, over the top squad leader barking out cliches about steers and queers, the "dry run" walk-throughs, the lack of spontaneity from one's adversaries, the stifling stillness while each exercise is micromanaged in real time down to each detail, the cheesy, totally implausible tactics and gear used by the enemies - and turned it into a video game.

Just... wow. The Army could not have made a less appealing promotion of Army life than using props for targets and allowing for no personal discretion of any kind towards anything... IN A VIDEO GAME!

Worst. Marketing. Strategy. Ever.

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Really Bad

this game SUCKS!!!

posted by bilybrger1 (LOCUST GROVE, GA) Jan 26, 2009

Member since Mar 2008

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if this game wuz made about 8 years ago it would get an 8.But... it wuznt. the graphics are terrible, the story line is pointless,an overall...SUCKISH game. to avoid wasting your time on this stupid game dont even put it in your games Q. you will thank me later.

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America's Army: True Soldiers

posted by DAMADDCOW (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Jan 29, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

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I have served this country for over 8 years. This game is close in very little ways to actual life. This game could not have been reviewed by the active duty portion of the Army. It is missing a campaign or mission phase. Not worth playing more than once, in my opinion.

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