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I couldn't even PLAY it!

posted by TPDX (PORTLAND, OR) Sep 12, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

I couldn't even PLAY the game! No, really! I tried to! I pressed the on button, went through the first part of the story, named my character, he had the dream, went to the island and walked over to the area where you meet the first characters and it totally crapped out on me! I tried resetting the GameCube, I wiped the disc clean (which was covered in scratches!!!) and I still couldn't play! It said to refer to the GC owner's manual but my console works fine. So in short, here is a lesson gamers, TAKE CARE OF THE DISCS/CARTRIDGES!!! Heck, lock them up when you aren't using them if you have to! Have your mom ground your little brother for scratching up the game disc you rented! Just keep them in playing condition. And wash your hands, kids! ._.

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posted by Gameingspade (NORTH BRANCH, MN) Dec 30, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

This game is boing. The start makes no sense.

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posted by TheLuigi (MORRISVILLE, PA) Aug 16, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

Ugh... Amazing Island. One game that actually has to go on my top hating list. As you can tell, this game is for kids. 9-year olds at most.
But the game was so diffucult that a 21 year-old could not beat.


I couldnt believe how stupid and hard this game was. You pop into a storybook, no explantion, and have to defeat evil on an island with monsters you create. Sounds okay, right? WRONG.

The monsters you create can be made by personality questions or yourself. These "questions" never answer with right monster. Its EXTREMELY easy to tell that after the questions, they just randomly give out an ugly monster.
So ugly... you want to make another, but its still ugly. If you draw it yourself... good luck. To make a good-looking monster you have to be a proffesional videogame artist to do so. Its hard, folks.

The gameplay... oh yeah IMPOSSIBLE. The game is divided into parts of the island, everytime you defeat a tournament of minigames you get to go to another part.

But believe me, you'll never beat the second without tearing out your hair or smashing your TV.

The whole gameplay is minigames. No actual fighting(then why am I making monsters to do this?). You get three tries to not lose a minigame or do them all over again. The rules of the minigames seem long, making you think your ready, but no.

The first tourney includes a game where you have to tap a button REALLY fast then charge up a jump, leap into the air... and tap buttons at he right time to skip on water.

This alone took me three Gameovers("Oh no! Try again?" Be QUIET!!!!) to get an okay score on, let alone actually beat.

All minigames have to do with timing, and how fast you can press a button.
Cons - the game moves slower than you can a touch a button, so timing is always off (what???!!!?? I pressed that button! Why didn't it work??? Gameover! AHHHHHHHH!).

Button-mashing requires you to press buttons so fast you cannot do it. You cant.

And the story? Please, there is none.

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