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posted by db1980 (DAMASCUS, MD) Jun 7, 2010

Member since Feb 2008

The game just seemed boring and more like school work. When I play a game that's going to involve some type of shooting, I don't want to have to be a sharp shooter trying to pin point a kill shot using a joystick.

What made matters worse was the whole hacking into computers.......WOW!!!!! The creator of this game should start at level one in game making and work his way up.

Don't rent this game if you are looking for a fun game, rent this game if you COMPLETELY have NOTHING to do.

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Splinter Cell It Ain't!!!

posted by doldMan (GRAHAM, NC) Jun 7, 2010

Member since Jan 2007

After all the hype Alpha Protocol hits the streets with a big fat flop! This game although excellent in theory falls short of the pool in several areas;
1) camera angles and controls
2) aiming with all guns, but especially the sniper rifle
3) AI leaves a lot to be desired
4) stealth, NOT!

All in all I think I did like most, sent it back the same day I recieved it. Definitely not a buy and should be a last choice to rent.

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HUGE Disappointment

posted by tkosmith (SAN FRANCISCO, CA) Jun 7, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

Got this game as soon as it was available. I had read quite a bit about it, and the reviews were largely mixed. After playing, I don't see how anyone could rate this game any higher than a 5 (On a scale of 1-10). The graphics seem dated, for a game of this nature, based on today's standards. The gameplay itself is dull, and the controls are god awful.

You have to level up your "abilities" with various weapons, and at low levels it seems nearly impossible to have an accurate shot. I spent the better part of the first portion of the game unloading clip after clip before finally killing off any enemies. This is itself was enough to make me quit, but I pushed on.

The story starts off slow, and stays slow. It never really picks up. The conversations with NPC's can go on, and on, and on, and on.... You get the picture. I really loved the idea of having every conversational choice having a large determination on what happens now, and later, in the game. It seems to be a bit overstated. Certain options get you to your "missions" quicker, and only really keep you from getting a +/- with characters in the game. (Character's opinions fluctuate based on your interaction, and how you address/speak with them).

In all honesty, this game was a waste of time. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. This game is the reason I have a gamefly account, so I don't blow $60 on a horrible game.

My best advice? Remove this from your queue, and move on to another title you'd been wanting to play. This game was one of the worst I've played this year.

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