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GF Rating


A flawed Splinter Cell/RPG hybrid

posted by Seriatim (SOLON, ME) Jun 13, 2010

Member since Aug 2008

5 out of 5 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Alright, everyone shot down this game when it came out, most likely due to the delayed release and the scrutiny the company is under for taking on the enormous task of following Fallout 3. But, to be honest, the game is fun. Granted, there are some egregious errors that a top shelf game would not tolerate.

Graphics: 5 of 10. This was the killer for many people, who walked away without playing more than 5 minutes. No way around it, the graphics are not up to snuff. They are not PS2, but they are about 2007 quality.

Gameplay: 6 of 10. A lot of people got mad at missing when aiming at targets, apparently forgeting this is a RPG. So, you may miss when you think you have an enemy lined up. However, as you progress, your aim quickly improves, and soon it is not an issue, as long as you level up your favorite weapon. More of an issue is the sometimes wonky AI, who might ignore a buddy getting capped beside them if they do not see you, or come running from 100 yards away after you do a silent kill on a guard. Every once in a while I would get stuck in place if near a rock, and would have to toggle crouch/run to get moving again. Both of those issues are quite irritating.

Story and sounds: 7 of 10. The story is actually pretty good, and the voice acting is well done. You can tell that, for better or worse, this is where a lot of the time was spent on this game. On the negative, sometimes when you shoot, the gunfire sounds are a little off. If I do an aimed headshot with my assault rfle, it sometimes sounds like I'm firing off a .12 gauge on my first round.

Customization: 9 of 10. This is the brightest spot. You can upgrade your character with a skill system similar to Mass Effect. You can purchase a bunch of diferent weapons and mods for the weapons, as well as gadgets and explosives. The story lines are also somewhat customizable with options for dialogue and whether to let "boss" enemies live.

Bottom line: rent it first. Would be a great buy if it was $20.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Very solid RPG..... Could've been better though.

posted by JRStocker (AMES, IA) Jun 13, 2010

Member since May 2010

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I've been playing for about 3 hours now and I must say.... This game is very entertaining. It's got everything you'd want in an RPG. Great upgrade system, great weapon and armor upgrade system. Allows you to choose what type of player you want to be. Rambo style, Techy style, or straight up stealth spy type. Now while it play very well, there are alot of problems with this game. It's almost like the game developer didn't do any fine tuning at all and rushed it to the stores. There are so many glitches with the graphics it's at some points laughable. I found myself running through a level and all the enemies looked like they had a giant pole growing out of their necks. This happens very frequently throughout the game. Sound glitches also happen often. The graphics aren't going to blow you away either. It just seemed like they rushed threw the fine tuning of it to get it released. It's a shame, a couple more months of work getting all the glitches worked out and this game could've been pretty amazing. Still a very solid game and I would definitely recomend it to any RPG fan.

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GF Rating


Not as bad as you'd think..

posted by Gotti9410 (WILMINGTON, NC) Jun 13, 2010

Member since Oct 2004

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

First let's be honest.. this is NOT a shooter. Though I love the fact that it almost plays like one. Mixed a little with oblivion or fallout aspects, hence the RPG. The story was the main draw for me, decisions you make all effect the rest of the game to some extent. I even tested this a few times, mainly the last mission to see a few different endings. The decisions are almost as important as the gunplay.

In the beginning you chose what type of agent you'd like to be, similar to starting a quest like 'borderlands' or 'oblivion'.. sneaky, tech geek, soldier, etc.. this doesn't have as big of an effect on the game, but there are some other options that will. Basically, chose the one that will benefit the way you want to play, sneaky/out-right-killer.

The graphics could be more impressive, but the voice acting and characters are all well done, so I'm ok with the tradeoff.. the graphics are fine enough. The problem comes in the clunky controls, sometimes it's just hard to forget it's not a shooter, and you end up with a wall clipping behind you and you can't see where you're aiming.

Some of the bosses are a little lame. For lack of better term. Rather than make it an epic battle, ala GOW3, it's more of a longer firefight with dialogue included. All in all though, every mission unlocks something new, rewards are very present, and if you get into the story, it's definitely worth a playthru. At about 17hrs I was finished, so it's good for a lonely weekend. Don't expect splinter cell or metal gear.. but I won't hate on this game just because a few things were overlooked.

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