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GF Rating


A solid RPG shooter that is not without its flaws.

posted by HrdcrGamr (HIGLEY, AZ) Jun 7, 2010

Member since May 2010

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The first thing you need to realize is that Alpha Protocol is a RPG first and a shooter second. At the beginning of the game, you are going to be inaccurate with your weapons and your footsteps are going to be loud making sneaking a little tougher then you may be used to. The game is designed this way so you can feel yourself improving as the game goes on. So, don't go into thinking that it plays like Gears of War or Splinter Cell because it doesn't.

For example, when I first started the game, my pistol could barely hit an enemy from 20 feet way and enemies spotted me very easily. But, by the end, I could slow down time and kill 6 enemies before they could turn around, kill entire rooms by going invisible, and I could blind fire enemies for 1 shot critical hits while behind cover. Be patient, specialize in a single weapon and specialize in a few abilities and you will improve greatly. By the end of the game, you are a super spy.

Secondly, if graphical or minor glitches annoy you. Stay clear! Because this game is full of them. Textures take a long time to pop in, characters will twitch randomly, doors will sometimes not open or close, clipping issues everywhere, etc. Nothing too bad, but they are there, and you will most likely run into them.


Good Voice Acting
Dialog system keeps you on your toes
Choices you make constantly change how the story plays out
Hilariously bad death animations
Perk system rewards you for your playstyle
Interesting hacking, lockpicking, and bypassing minigames


Enemy AI is very basic
Bosses are poorly designed usually making you resort to cheap tactics.
Wonky Animations
Submachine guns are a bit underpowered
No save anywhere feature, only last checkpoint
While a few characters are interesting, most are rather generic
Ending is a bit uneventful

If you always wanted to be Austin Powers and "JUDO CHOP!" your way to victory and you don't mind a few glitches, rent it, max out your martial arts stat and CHOP away!

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GF Rating

Very Good

Great game. Too short...

posted by Niftyifty (MARANA, AZ) Jun 14, 2010

Member since Jun 2007

35 out of 38 gamers (92%) found this review helpful

I really enjoyed this game. It arrived in the mail just as I was finishing RDR. Even after coming off a great gaming experience with RDR I still enjoyed this game.

The story is great and the gameplay is enjoyable. First-person shooter elements blend well with the rpg elements. Your actions very much affect the outcome of the game and I feel like I would enjoy 2-3 more playthroughs in the future.

I didn't have a problem so much with the quality of graphics (like some other posters) but I did have an issue with the overwhelming amount of video clipping and odd-rendering. Cut scenes are very choppy and it is hard to understand why. Objects render themselves at very odd distances, sometimes randomly, giving the game an odd look sometimes.

My biggest issue with the game, however, was it was just way too short. Just when I was getting into it and feeling as though things were getting good, it was over. They leave it wide open for an AP2 and that's great and all, but the game sort of felt unfinished.

I almost let some of the negative reviews on this game influence me and almost removed it from my queue. I'm very glad I didn't.

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GF Rating


Very good if reasoning games are your thing.

posted by CesarF (SAN JOSE, CA) Aug 16, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

17 out of 18 gamers (94%) found this review helpful

This is a ESPIONAGE game for those that happened to not see it in the game cover. Meaning, you're not supposed to get your guns and go crazy, shooting everybody. There's a lot more thinking, both through dialogue, and watching the enemies footsteps and attacking moves, than flat out action.

If you're looking for a game like Call of Duty and other games of the genre, this is NOT for you. There are few enemies, and you really have to embrace the spy thing if you wanna enjoy this game.

It's somewhat of a short game, but that can be understandable because Sega's and Obsidian's intentions are most likely for you to play the game through 2-3 times, in complete different ways to see how the plot changes. Try playing as the nice guy and befriending everyone you can one time around, and the second time around, being a merciless killer who's only trying to protect himself and has no time for enemies.

If you're the thinking kind and enjoy seeing how your actions can really affect you, this game will have you fascinated. If you're looking for a huge amount of action and thrills, big explosions and so on, you're better off with something else.

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