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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Earning the "Judge, Jury, and Executioner" Trophy

Use the "Execute" option as many times as possible, even at the risk of a low reputation score. To earn the Achievement, you must execute Nasri, Shaheed, Sis, Albatross, Brayko (NOTE: Choose "Professional" at first to get Brayko to sell out Surkov. Once Surkov is revealed, THEN execute Brayko), Surkov, Al-Bara, Marburg, Steven Heck, Sung, Deng, Leland (decline the position he offers you), Mina (opt to "Leave Her" after rescuing her during the "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol" mission), Parker, Darcy, Westridge, Leland (NOTE: Attack Leland at the end of "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol", but opt to spare his life), Scarlet (NOTE: Do NOT take the "Contact Scarlet Lake" mission), and finally, execute Leland. The Trophy will be awarded when Leland dies.

Earning the "No Time For Love" Trophy

You must avoid getting seduced by all four women in the game. Use Aggressive responses with Mina, Scarlet, and Madison, but act Professional or Suave with SIE. Turn down any advances. You MUST choose SIE as your handler for the "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol" mission, otherwise you cannot earn the Trophy, so make sure she doesn't die in Brayko's mansion. When SIE walks away to pound on some bad guys, the Trophy will be awarded.

Earning the "Ready For Anything" Trophy

Depending on your responses throughout the game, certain Intel will be made available. Unlock extra pieces of Intel by opting to "Arrest" Nasri, have SIE or Albatross as an ally while completing previous missions, befriend Heck before confronting Brayko, spare Brayko or rescue Surkov, ally with SIE in Moscow, and have a high reputation with Hong Shi, Steven Heck, and Albatross. Make sure none of these characters die during the course of your playthrough. This allows you to get enough Intel to receive the Trophy.

Earning the "One With The Shadows" Achievement

Level up your Stealth rank as much as possible, in order to avoid alerting enemies. When confronted with foes, only use tranquilizers, which will subdue them in a non-lethal fashion.

Earning the "Thornton, Inc." Trophy

Choose favorable responses with your enemies. Use the following dialogue selections with these characters: Mina (Professional, but Suave when she's playful), Darcy (Suave), Parker (Professional), Westridge (Aggressive), Leland (Professional), Nasri (Aggressive), Shaheed (Professional), Sis (Professional), Albatross (Professional), Grigori (Suave), SIE (Aggressive), Surkov (Professional), Brayko (Professional), Marburg (Professional), Madison (Suave), Scarlet (Professional/Suave), Stevent Heck (Aggressive when violent, Suave for banter), Hong Shi (Professional), Deng (Professional). In addition to that, you must choose to "Extort" Nasri, spare Shaheed, spare Sis, rescue Albatross (if you use him as your handler for the "Assault Brayko's Mansion" mission), agree to SIE's terms in the "Investigate Weapon Shipments" mission and don't attack her at the end, use a Professional stance after the fight with Brayko, spare Brayko's life and accept the deal he offers, stay Professional when confronting Surkov and choose "Partnership", give Scarlet the Halbech evidence before the "Infiltate Alpha Protocol" mission and rescue her from the interrogation room after escaping the medical bay, erase Steven Heck's files from the NSB computer during the "Retrieve NSB Data from Grand Hotel" mission, spare Deng, save the Assassination data to ensure Sung's survival, agree to betray your country before the "Infiltate Alpha Protocol" mission to win Shaheed's favor, rescue Mina from the firing range, spare Westridge, and accept Leland's offer to join Halbech.

Earning the "Rome-ance" Trophy

When first contacted by Madison Saint James, use Suave dialogue choices to raise your reputation. Select her as your handler for the "Investigate Marburg's Villa" mission. Complete the "Investigate Transmissions at Ruins" and "Investigate Delivery at Warehouse" missions and return to the safehouse. Find Madison in the bedroom and select "Check on Her". Use Suave dialogue choices until the lights go out and the Trophy is awarded.

Earning the "Office Romance" Trophy

Use Professional responses with Mina anytime you're given the chance. Mina will appear in the safehouse after completing the final missions in Moscow, Rome, and Taipei in order to discuss the Alpha Protocol mission. Maintain a reputation score of at least +6 using Professional responses and select the option to kiss her when it appears. When the romance begins, the Trophy is awarded.

Earning the "Exclusive Interview" Trophy

Use Suave and Professional responses with Scarlet, depending on the tone of the conversation. Send her any Halbech data you find to increase your reputation score with her. Complete the final missions in Moscow, Rome, and Taipei and Scarlet will invite you to her room. Use Professional responses and select "Stay" when given the option. The romance will begin and the Trophy will be awarded.

Earning the "Savage Love" Trophy

Use Aggressive responses when you first meet SIE in the "Investigate Weapon Shipments" mission. Make sure she survives the "Assault on Brayko's Mansion" mission and choose her as your handler for the "Infiltrate Alpha Protocol" mission. After confronting Leland, SIE will find you strapped to the table in the medical bay. Choose the "Might As Well" response to initiate the romance and receive the Trophy.