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GF Rating

Above Average

Soo Much potential and they screwed it up

posted by flowing (GAITHERSBURG, MD) Jun 1, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

64 out of 88 gamers (73%) found this review helpful

I played this at friends house who works at a game store .This game plays like old RPG'S use to play and would have received a 9 back in 2003 but its 2010 and things programmed in this game should have been fixed since the first delay.Another year of development or patches could possibly change this game from a 7 to a 8.5 easily. it would have been interesting if Sega chose Ubisoft to develop this game instead of Obsidian. JUST imagine Splinter cell engine/with obsidian dialogue tree/story this game would have sold at least 2 million copies. As of now unless they fix the bugs this is a rental otherwise wait for the sequel to improve upon this. Come into this game accepting the bugs.
The bad:
The game play mechanics sucks in a couple of way.1st there are action icons that you walk up to to climb a ladder and they sometimes do not respond.there no default auto targeting system and you have to unlock that as a perk.hacking a pc is hard to see sometimes because there is so much going on its hard to line up the codes.The stealth AI mechanic is broken and sometimes it either works or doesn't.For example you shoot an enemy with a silenced pistol and everyone responds and sounds an alarm.Shadows don't mask your character.Graphics are hit and miss.Texture loading like in the 1st mass effect happens sometimes.Objectives can be missed and cannot be accessed again when you cross a save point.Level designs need work and your route on how you travel is linear in most missions.

The good:
The cut scenes are up to par with today's standards. the dialogue trees have an impact on the story and the story is complex and well written. the combination of weapon upgrades are plentiful and have an impact on how you have to play the game. the music score is very dramatic.The location are varied enough.As far as stat upgrades there are plenty and if you follow the dialogue tree right you can upgrade points.

game play-6.5
controls 7.0

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GF Rating

Above Average

Its a OK game. TO RENT

posted by rbshalo (ELLENBORO, NC) Jun 9, 2010

Member since Dec 2009

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

When I first played AP I enjoyed it for the first hour then I played the first Boss battle which may be the hardest battle. I played as a spy so it may be easier to other classes but super ninja mode really ruins the slightest feeling of this game feeling real and its just silly when a boss has a ninja mode, to me it felt like an old last gen game like some have said . This game is OK, the story is fun but a little predictable, the game-play is fun when you level up, well on spy it is cant claim this about the other classes. But you should rent this game and have a little fun maybe even beat the game but do not buy this game maybe the second one if they make a second game and improve on it. Some of you may love this game but I can promise most of you wont.

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GF Rating


Alpha Protocol is actually quite fun

posted by cernunnos (GAINESVILLE, FL) Jun 7, 2010

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Member since Jun 2009

19 out of 26 gamers (73%) found this review helpful

Don't believe the naysayers, they just had their expectations way too high. Alpha Protocol is actually kind of awesome but not without some flaws. The shooting feels weak, then again, shooting usually feels weak to me in most third-person games. If you just came from playing Splinter Cell: Conviction then keep your expectations low for this game.

The RPG elements are nice as you can customize your guy as you see fit. Perhaps it's just a girl thing but one of my favorite things about this game is that I can change my look periodically.

Graphics are okay, kind of dated looking though and my only real gripe is that the main character's voice annoys me but it's a minor complaint. I'm not very far into the game but so far I have enjoyed myself.

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