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Alone in the Dark


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Also on:Wii, Xbox 360, PS3
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Gameplay Controls

Alone in the Dark
Directional Button
Up = Draw Out. Switch Flashlight On/Off. Down = Healing Mode.
Left Analog Stick
Move. Swing. Choose Wound to Heal.
Right Analog Stick
Move Camera. Choose Wound to Heal.
X Button
Activate. Take Object. Grab Rope. Reload (While Checking Ammo).
Square Button
Jump. Push Off Wall.
Circle Button
Switch Views
Triangle Button
Drop Object. Release Rope.
L1 Button
Reset Camera. Use Left Hand Object. Heal Wound. Aim.
L2 Button
Select Latest Left Hand Weapon or Object
L3 Button
Check Ammo
R1 Button
Use Right Hand Object. Wrap Bandage. Quick Shot.
R2 Button
Select Latest Right Hand Weapon or Object
R3 Button
Blink. View Enemy's Weak Point (Hold).
Start Button
Pause Menu
Select Button
Open Inventory
Manipulate Object
Directional Button
Up = Raise Forks (Forklift). Down = Lower Forks (Forklift).
Left Analog Stick
L1 Button
Brake. Reverse.
R1 Button
Start Button
Pause Menu