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GF Rating


a game with potentiall.. but that's about it..

posted by dulun21 (CHANDLER, AZ) Jun 30, 2008

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beside decent graphic (not comparing it to xbox360 or ps3 games.. it's a no brainer!), and potential of a good survival horror game.. this game is flooded with many problems.

the good??

story??.. if you have the will to struggle through the whole game for it..?? worth it? not sure..

free camera control and first person view.. can be both good and bad (discuss below)

the bad??

unskippable cutscene
camera a little close (in third person view)
loading.. loading..
no helpful tips during game
enemies looks the same
control for gun use is a little floppy and unstable.

the ugly?

the character moving to fast for the camera to follow, which tend to create problems as you constantly try to change the camera according the character's location. You can switch your view to first person mode..which really helps with camera problem.. but still will not change the overall experience by much.

Alone in the dark is a game with potential, but with controls and camera problems not to mention no helpful tips (expect to stuck often in this game)..kind of ruined the gaming experience...

not really worth a rental, unless you don't have any other games on your queue.

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GF Rating


A Game That Tries Hard, But Falls Short.

posted by Demoni (CHICAGO, IL) Aug 21, 2008

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I went into this game wanting to like it, and coming out feeling vaguely disappointed and wanting more. This game tries hard - it has a lot of new and interesting ideas that just fall short of actually doing good. One of the largest problems you will run into are controls - for most of the game, you are able to choose either first person or third person, though it won't matter because you will still die far too fast if monsters are about and you can't find the right weapon or fire to use, or run about aimlessly if there are not. Certain areas are timed, so even though you've, say, either killed every monster or done everything in that room that there is to do, you will still end up just sitting around and twiddling your thumbs, waiting for the game to pick up again.
Certain elements struck me as, while somewhat interesting, wholly unnecessary and mildly annoying. Take for instance the forced rail shooter areas, or the driving. The car handles badly even at slow speeds, and the developers made the mistake of putting reverse and brake as the same button. There are also some problems with the general physics of the car, and areas where you need to use the car once more not making much sense, but having bad handling killed the whole experience from the start.
The puzzles are also often at times obscure while not being all that difficult. There will be obstacles that you are unable to get around, only to discover that you actually need to do three or for things, and the end result makes you feel slightly dumber and much more bewildered as to why anyone would make something so needlessly complicated.
Overall, the game had a lot of good concepts that were brought down heavily by bad execution, and the adjustment of graphics from next-gen to last-gen makes the background beautiful, and the character models lacking something. As I said, it tries very hard to do well, but falls short of really being a worthwhile game.

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GF Rating


Horribly disappointing.

posted by OMGmyFACE (BEAVERTON, OR) Jun 27, 2008

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Uwe Boll's movie was worse than the original, understandably, but this game is worse than that. I mean, why has it become so hard to make actual good games anymore? When they give up on the camera and controls, you know they're gonna skimp on the rest - that's the case with the newest Hulk game, which is far inferior to the older Ps2/Xbox one, and that's the case with this. Poor controls, abhorrent voice acting, mediocre graphics, and the music drove me Steamboat Willie loco. After an hour, I just sealed it up and sent it off same day. Rent only.

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