Rent Alone in the Dark for Wii
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Alone in the Dark


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Also on:PS2, PS3, Xbox 360

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Gameplay Controls

Alone in the Dark
Wii Remote
Move Object (While Holding Object)
Control Stick
Move. Swing.
Control Pad
Down = Blink. View Enemy's Weak Point (Hold).
A Button
Activate. Take Object. Drop Object. Grab Rope. Reload.
B Button
Use Right Hand Object. Release Rope. Wrap Bandage. Quick Shot.
1 Button
Pause Menu
- Button
Jump. Push Off Wall.
+ Button
Healing Mode
Choose Object. Choose Wound to Heal. Aim.
C Button
Switch Views
Z Button
Move Camera (Hold). Reset Camera. Use Left Hand Object. Heal Wound.
Jump. Push Off Wall.
Manipulate Object
Select Latest Left Hand Weapon or Object
Select Latest Right Hand Weapon or Object
Open Inventory
Close Inventory
Cancel Reload
Wii Remote
Turn Right Hand Wires
Wii Nunchuck
Turn Left Hand Wires
Control Stick
Control Pad
Left = Go to Driver Seat. Right = Go to Passenger Seat. Up = Headlights.
A Button
Exit Wire Mode. Contextual Action. Cancel.
B Button
Z Button
Brake. Reverse.
Exit Vehicle
Turn camera to car door and press A Button
Make Contact