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Alone in the Dark


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Was this even playtested?

posted by megumegu (Lakewood, WA) Jun 27, 2008

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Ok, I've been a video gamer for a long, long time. I got my first NES back in the 80s when I was 6. I love challenging games. I love shmups, where the FAQ pretty much consists of "shoot the bad guys and don't die". But I have to call "horrid game design" when the first actual interaction in an adventure game, which ostensibly should be a tutorial on moving about, kills you for 30 minutes, after which your hope for the game beyond that point is destroyed completely by the ridiculous difficulty of this first action. Maybe I'm just missing something, but the early part of the game shouldn't have anything that's this hard to miss. It should be really obvious, hold-your-hand kind of stuff to get you used to the control scheme. If I could at least grab back onto the hose when knocked off it, I'd be less annoyed, but this is ridiculous.

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GF Rating

Above Average

VERY Hard, Pretty Good, Spoilt By Iffy Controls

posted by Shazbot (BROOKLYN, NY) Jul 1, 2008

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AitD is getting a bad rep mainly, I believe, because people are expecting something else when they play. It's easily mistaken for an action game (even FPS) BUT IT ISN'T.

It's an RPG with medium to tough puzzles and ALMOST ZERO CLUES about what to do or how to do it. This alone makes it one of the most frustrating games you may possibly ever play. Add in some dodgy save handling and sloppy controls and it's almost guaranteed it's going to tick you off a lot especially in the first few hours of play.

If you don't like a tough game bordering on impossible at times then go and pick another game. YOU ARE GOING TO DIE A LOT IN THIS ONE.

BUT it does have a storyline that keeps you in the dark (sic!) a lot and rewards persistence with a little more info at each story milestone. It also has a variety of 'modes' - climbing/jumping, fps fighting, searching/solving puzzles, driving and these are often intermixed pretty well.

The sound is highly atmospheric as are the graphics - yes they are washed out, read the title - it's in the DARK and I can't believe what was heralded as realistic in Splinter Cell and MGS is being trashed so much. I aint saying the graphics are brilliant but let's get real about this.

It is really unfortunate that the controls are sloppy and difficult to be precise with in many parts, as the game itself is totally unforgiving about being not quite far enough onto the ledge you are trying to jump to and other similar things. The game is tough enough without having a vague control system with pixel perfection required on positioning.

Despite its faults I still find myself going back to this to just get a bit further. If you too have that level of persistence then you may think this game isn't so bad after all. The satisfaction on getting out of a situation or solving a puzzle without the hints given in other games is a great bonus.

If you have the patience it is better than many and will take a while to finish.
If not - run away from it

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GF Rating

Very Good

It feels like a Silent Hill PSP port...but FUNNER?

posted by Syco1316 (ANNISTON, AL) Sep 24, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

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This game has its fair share of low points which have been pointed out by many people already. Low points such as invisible walls, linear gameplay, blocky movements, short story, ect ect. BUT most complaints are just picky nonsense by GTA lovers that wants everygame to be as great as Zelda or Grand Theft Auto. This game is fairly fun. It has a good story (better than the movie anyways), it looks decent visually, Wii controls work fairly well, and its fairly fun to play. In a gamefly reveiw you shouldnt hold anything against a game for being a solid rental, which this game is. Rent it. Beat it. Send it back. Rent a big budget nintendo game. Period.

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