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Wii Got Shafted In the Dark

posted by Kyogissun (ROCHESTER, NY) Jun 28, 2008

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The title says it all folks, once again, the wii was improperly compared to the PS2 and the results left us with a terrible excuse of a game.

Disclaimer: It has been realized that the Wii and 360 versions of Alone in the Dark 5 are not the same, please treat this STRICTLY as a review for the Wii only.

Story: I could get into this but by the time you get to any story development, it won't have been enough because you'll want to return the game.

Game play: The mechanics introduced ARE great... But the lack of care for this particular version of the game makes that meaningless. That amazing interactivity and flame mechanics you saw in the 360? Non-existent here. Don't expect to have any ACTUAL fun picking up various items to use as beating and/or bludgeoning type weaponry because most is just pre-rendered, nailed/glued to the floor statues.

Controls: And here is what kills it for me. The game (Again, STRICTLY on the Wii) is UNPLAYABLE. Aiming is super sensitive, the enemies can be downed very easily (Granted, this doesn't mean their AI is terrible, but it's safe to say they weren't a challenge) and overall, the motion controls feel tacked on and the sensitivity you see in other games like Metroid Prime 3 or No More Heroes are gone.

Graphics: Again, this is another game killer for me. These graphics TRULY are an example of a PS2 copied version. In fact, if you have an HDTV, you will notice the game is run in 480i, instead of the DEFAULT 480p one gets when playing on a high res television set with a Wii.

Let's face it, I've said enough. Do NOT play this game if you ONLY have a Wii or PS2. For the love of god, DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME IF YOU HAVE STRICTLY A PS2 OR WII.

I have heard that only the challenging controls appear to be the true problem with the 360, which mind you, if you're a decent gamer, can be worked with.

Ultimately, this is just a prime example of the third party developers underestimating the Wii once more, a VERY significant example.

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Atari Made Better Consoles (2600) Then Games Today

posted by miko25 (LARGO, FL) Jun 27, 2008

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They had good intentions but the execution is off. First the begining is annoying where you half to press the button constantly to keep your eyes open. You walk very slowly and the textures are washed out. Worst of all is the driving in the game and putting fire on the bullet which has no effect does not make much sense. Story is ok but this game you felt like you want to rent but DONT!!!

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Worst game I have ever played

posted by mikennikki (GREENSBORO, NC) Jun 27, 2008

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Maybe it's just a matter of taste though, so if you like games where your character dies instantly from falling into small holes and then you have to start over from a save point ten minutes back and watch the same stupid scripted scenes that can't be skipped for the 5th time, then you should definitely rent this game. I sent mine back after a half hour, so it'll probably have high availability.

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