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Alone in the Dark


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posted by jbonez21 (CASSELBERRY, FL) Oct 5, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

17 out of 21 gamers (81%) found this review helpful

I have no idea what problems people are having, I have had none. The story is exceptional and the game puts you into the story to feel as if you are the character...better than alot of TV shows and movies these days. The camera is fine and gives you the ability to switch easily from third-person to first person.

The driving is action-esque, this game is not a car simulation. The whole game is scripted, so if you fail on the first try through, you have a better idea of how to handle what is coming up.

The Monsters are scary and fun to fight. The game does not pause when you look into your inventory which is realistically kept inside the characters jacket... real life would not pause either. This puts the pressure on you while fighting and needing certain elements, and I have not found it extremely hard nor frustrating at all in order to fight the bad guys.

This game is lots of fun, great graphics, 10/10 story, atmospheric, and very creepy. I am on chapter 6/8 and have had a lot more fun playing this than any other game in awhile.

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Most Innovative Game of the Year

posted by IndianaK (FAIRFIELD, CA) Jun 27, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

13 out of 17 gamers (76%) found this review helpful

Alone in the Dark is an ambitious game where the creators tried doing a lot of new things and tried to give the player a lot to do. I think this is also Alone in the Dark's downfall as it does so much of everything, it is unable to do any of it perfectly.

The game is a tad glitchy at points (objects jumping when dropped, car knocked around by a slight curb) and that kills a bit of the realism but it's not bad.

The story is decent and builds well along. It's not difficult to follow and works well on it's own. My only issue is the ending is not quite clear and it took a bit of outside explanation for me to understand where it went.

Control setup are very well done. The jacket is a wonderful way to use inventory and I have not had a problem in the game of diving into it during a fight. A favorites option also allows quick combinations at your fingertips (Though one issue with that is the favorites doesn't work well with which type of item in the same group you're working with. A couple of times my favorite menu brought up a First Aid Spray and a lighter to use as a flame thrower instead of Rust Spray...rather not waste healing like that.)

Visually, this game is fantastic. The graphics, scenes, environments, and catastrophes are well done and completely immerse you in the game. Especially the driving scenes (if you liked stuntman, you'll LOVE the driving scenes here).

Overall, I thought that this game is very well done for being what it is. It's different and a step in the right direction for gaming. It's far from perfect, but with some polish, future games like this can see 10/10s.

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Frustrated in the Dark

posted by vierrasilv (ELK GROVE, CA) Jul 29, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

This game is super good if you like non stop game glithes and an annoying physics system that makes you feel like your in the geriatric fight club. You'll also like this game if you want guns that have no effect on your enemies because you can only kill them by picking up a chair lighting it on fire and then gently tapping the chair against the enemy instantly turning him/her into a magical mist. It feels like the creators had a deadline and pushed this title without polishing it. It has some potential but the cons outweigh. If you have a physical attraction to Don Johnson you mike like the main character. Also one of the only games that lets you actually skip passed any of the levels/ episodes if they are too hard. I bet that was a last minute add on when the creators found out this game was a piece. Sorry, I just didn't like it. Nevermind I hated it.

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