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Alone in the Dark


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Also on:PS2, Wii, PS3
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A let down.

posted by Bobluling (LULING, TX) Jun 29, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

This game has a great story but HORRIBLE controls.

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Expected Disappointment

posted by loch006 (MANASSAS, VA) Jun 29, 2008

Member since Jul 2007

This game had a lot of hype regarding its innovative use of a "jacket" inventory system and the ability to combine items to make cool stuff and fire that actually spreads to other places.

I watched all the videos and all the gameplay footage and it all looked realyl great. Unfortunately what the gameplay footage can't tell you is that it is virtually impossible to control your character throughout the game.

The camera angles are horrible and the ability to switch between first and third person viewing angles doesn't make things any better. You constantly find yourself switching between the two just to try and see what is going on.

The controls in third person are laggy to say the least. Fighting is almost impossible to accomplish because the controls are so unresponsive and slow. Maybe I have to just keep playing and hope to get the "hang" of how to play this game? I don't know, but the real question is should I have to? I was thinking back to RE4, and I didn't have to get the hang of playing that game. It came naturally, which is what all game control systems should do.

The story seems like same old mystic ancient evil darkness garbage but I can deal with that. The dialogue has a lot of cursing in it to make it seem more "real" but it just seems out of place in some moments. I can deal with that too. What I can't deal with is the fact that I have to control Carnby like a car with a bad engine and no power steering fluid.

They really should have utilized some game tester feedback on how horrible the controls are before releasing this game.

Honestly, don't even bother renting this one. Just wait for Silent Hill 5 which will hopefully remain faithful to the previous games. But who knows? AITD never had controls this bad, even the very first DOS version!

Maybe Infogrames/Atari need to load up good ole DOS and see how they did it the first time around.

This game could have been so much, but failed in the most important area.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

alone in th edark

posted by ramey151 (COLLEGEDALE, TN) Jun 29, 2008

Member since Apr 2007

well this game just dont make it i mean why have stuff in the game cant use or manage the weapons dont hit right and the cars hard to drive and the cam wow wat a waste dont buy this just rent it and play 1 hour then return you will see..
I looked forward to this game, glad I didn't buy it just wasted rental money on it. The only thing that might be good are the graphics, everything else seems rushed and half-baked. The control scheme is terrible. Trying to fine tune your movement...

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